• Whereas, the federal health reform law, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires all citizens to buy government-approved health insurance or pay a fine (§1501); and.
  • Whereas, PPACA empowers the federal government to limit health insurance and medical treatment options--and to monitor the health insurance and health status of all Americans (multiple §); and
  • Whereas, the HITECH Act in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (economic stimulus - ARRA, (§13001)) forces doctors and hospitals, through threat of financial penalties (§4101), to have interoperable electronic medical records by 2015 that enable government to electronically link patient records, monitor physician treatment decisions, and penalize doctors for providing care that does not comply with federally-imposed treatment directives (including rationing); and.
  • Whereas, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (§6301) enacted by ARRA and PPACA will conduct rationing-based research using government access to electronic medical records; and
  • Whereas, the Minnesota legislature is required under PPACA to implement a health insurance exchange that will establish federal control over health insurance options or, if it refuses, to submit to federal implementation of a health insurance exchange within Minnesota (§1321); and
  • Whereas, PPACA forbids cost-sharing (private payments) for preventive care (§2713); requires patients to obtain prescriptions for over-the-counter medications to receive reimbursement by Health Savings Accounts (§9003); mandates government-defined "essential benefits" for all policies (§1302), and makes catastrophic coverage policies (true insurance) illegal for everyone over age 29 (§1302); and
  • Whereas, Idaho, Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, Arizona, and Missouri have passed a Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act and Arizona and Oklahoma have amended their state constitutions to prohibit government from: (a) forcing their residents to purchase health insurance or (b) infringing on their resident's right to pay directly for or receive direct payment for lawful healthcare services; and
  • Whereas, 20 states have joined together to challenge the constitutionality of PPACA (in particular, the individual mandate), and Virginia and various organizations have filed additional lawsuits,

I hereby petition the Governor of Minnesota and the Minnesota legislature to protect Minnesota residents by immediately passing the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act (Senate File 33/House File 199).

October 16th, 2018
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