NewThe BOLD Republican Plan for Health Care

The BOLD Republican Plan for Health Care

I’m not going to talk about Obama’s SOTU… except to say that I feel like I did the last time he had to get up and try to sell Obamacare to the nation: he doesn’t want to do it; he feels it’s beneath him; it’s four years after Obamacare and he’s perturbed that he still has to be marketing the law in a speech. So his comments lack passion. 

New$1.4B Buys Obamacare Failure – Twice?

$1.4B Buys Obamacare Failure – Twice?

Obamacare must not be lost in the debt ceiling debate. Try not to be distracted by false claims of America defaulting on its debt. According to Ronald Reagan’s deputy assistant Treasury secretary David Malpass, writing Oct. 10 in The Wall Street Journal:


NewResist Obamacare – Two New Ways

Resist Obamacare – Two New Ways

Two new options for Obamacare resistance await. The first is found below in “News to Know” (Exchange Opt-Out Declaration). The second is a very important lawsuit is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court for consideration. This lawsuit will make the case that the individual and employer mandates are void due to unconstitutional processes engaged by the Democrat-led U.S. Congress. Without the mandates (and their penalties), Obamacare is toothless.

NewTruth about Obamacare Premiums

Truth about Obamacare Premiums

Is it truth or is it fiction? Two days ago the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) came out with an ASPE Issue Brief titled, “Fifty-Six Percent of the Uninsured Could Pay $100 or Less per Month for Coverage in 2014.”

NewEmployer Viability At Stake in ACA Lawsuit

Employer Viability At Stake in ACA Lawsuit

Obamacare tremors are getting stronger. The latest poll shows 53% of voters view the law unfavorably. This is an all-time high level of opposition. Please donate today to our efforts to build the CCHF refuse2enroll campaign! Already, we’ve got the liberal Mother Jones magazine and other publications, like MedCity News, the Miami Herald and the Sacramento Bee talking about it!

NewCCHF Calls on Congress to Oppose Repeal Bill 

CCHF Calls on Congress to Oppose Repeal Bill 
ST. PAUL, Minn.—Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, is urging Americans to call on Congress to oppose the dangerous “SGR Repeal” bill, which was recently passed by a House of Representatives sub-committee.
The bill is bad for health care, Brase says, giving physicians incentives for following the rules set forth by the government.

NewBipartisan Attempt to Control Your Doctor

Bipartisan Attempt to Control Your Doctor

Who will control your doctor? Yesterday the U.S. Energy and Commerce House health subcommittee voted to pass a version of the bipartisan 70-page draft “SGR repeal” bill that will change the way Medicare pays your doctor and other clinicians. The bill repeals a longstanding contentious system of yearly payment cuts under a law called the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR)  -- but then it puts government in charge of doctors.

NewObama's Rationing Plan Revealed in Lawsuit

Obama's Rationing Plan Revealed in Lawsuit

A lawsuit has unexpectedly revealed Obama's rationing plans. The Administration says states can cut Medicaid payments to doctors and other providers to hold down costs. This is a breathtaking statement. President Obama's signature law, Obamacare, adds 16 million people to Medicaid. It offers states the "opportunity" to expand Medicaid at no cost for the first two years, and then offers to pay 90% of the cost in perpetuity of all individuals eligible under the expansion. The law also increases payment to primary care doctors for two years to encourage them to accept more Medicaid patients. 

NewThe "5C" Health Care Solution

The '5C' Health Care Solution

Do conservative organizations all sing the same health care tune? No, writes John Goodman at the National Center for Policy Analysis. In fact, I'd argue that sometime they are singing in complete dissonance.


NewThe Latest Perils of Obamacare

The Latest Perils of Obamacare

Obamacare is coming. Soon everyone will feel the painful realities of what the Democrat-empowered Congress imposed on the nation. It's going to be more painful than many experts predicted. Besides the negative impact on quality of care, there will also be significant cost increases leading to reduced access to health insurance and patient care.