NewYour Doctor, the Robot

Your Doctor, the Robot

Will robots dictate medical treatment? In “Could Artificial Intelligence End the Electronic Medical Record Nightmare?” physician Kevin R. Stone says doctors, nurses and patients used to talk with each other to share information and solve problems, but now, “The electronic medical record has killed the oral science.” 

NewBetween a Rock…and a Readmission

Between a Rock…and a Readmission

We’re in a hard place. Last year, Obamacare initiated a program to reduce so-called “excess readmissions” in hospitals. Section 3025 requires all hospitals subject to the policy to pay a penalty, called a “payment adjustment,” up to 3% if they readmit too many Medicare patients within 30 days of discharge.

NewTrapped in Medicare

Trapped in Medicare

A new federal document tells the sorry truth: if you drop Medicare Part A (to protect yourself from rationing, for instance), you’ll be stripped of your social security benefits and forced to reimburse the government.

NewRuling for Halbig in Landmark Case is the 
Beginning of the End for Obamacare

Ruling for Halbig in Landmark Case is the 
Beginning of the End for Obamacare

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Today’s critical decision in the U.S. District Court of Appeals in favor of the plaintiffs in Halbig vs. Burwell is the beginning of the end for Obamacare, says one health care expert and patient advocate.

NewThe Truth About Electronic Medical Records

The Truth About Electronic Medical Records

Propaganda only works for so long. Pretty soon truth catches up to it. This is exactly what’s happening with electronic health records.

If you’re a doctor you know how bad the government-mandated electronic health record (EHR) is. But if you’re a patient, you may not realize that EHRs are endangering your life and jeopardizing medical excellence.

NewObamacare Rigged to Fleece Taxpayers

Obamacare Rigged to Fleece Taxpayers

Never doubt the cleverness of Big Health. Obamacare does not redistribute wealth to the poor. Instead, the law’s various requirements redistribute wealth and wages to Obama’s partner in crime: large health plans. These corporations are then by law allowed to keep the cash and shortchange the care under “medical necessity” guidelines, demonstrating again that coverage is not care.

NewObama's Tall Tales on Obamacare

Obama's Tall Tales on Obamacare

On April 17, he held a press conference to gloat. Here are a few of Obama’s comments that illuminate his frame of mind -- and his penchant for tall tales and propaganda:

I know every American isn’t going to agree with this law. But I think we can agree that it’s well past time to move on as a country…The point is the repeal debate is and should be over. The Affordable Care Act is working.

The BOLD Republican Plan for Health Care

The BOLD Republican Plan for Health Care

I’m not going to talk about Obama’s SOTU… except to say that I feel like I did the last time he had to get up and try to sell Obamacare to the nation: he doesn’t want to do it; he feels it’s beneath him; it’s four years after Obamacare and he’s perturbed that he still has to be marketing the law in a speech. So his comments lack passion. 

$1.4B Buys Obamacare Failure – Twice?

$1.4B Buys Obamacare Failure – Twice?

Obamacare must not be lost in the debt ceiling debate. Try not to be distracted by false claims of America defaulting on its debt. According to Ronald Reagan’s deputy assistant Treasury secretary David Malpass, writing Oct. 10 in The Wall Street Journal:


Resist Obamacare – Two New Ways

Resist Obamacare – Two New Ways

Two new options for Obamacare resistance await. The first is found below in “News to Know” (Exchange Opt-Out Declaration). The second is a very important lawsuit is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court for consideration. This lawsuit will make the case that the individual and employer mandates are void due to unconstitutional processes engaged by the Democrat-led U.S. Congress. Without the mandates (and their penalties), Obamacare is toothless.