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UrgentPetition to Oppose Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange in MN

Petition to Oppose Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange in MN

Obamacare requires States to set up federal command and control centers over health insurance and medical care. These centers are called "American Health Benefit Exchanges" or "Health Insurance Exchanges" for short. The data infrastructure will monitor citizen compliance with the unconstitutional mandate to purchase health insurance. The first set of federal exchange regulations include the word "require" 811 times. The Minnesota legislature said "no" to the Exchange, but Governor Dayton is using more than $5 million from the federal government to build it. 

NewThe “Crimean Takeover” of Health Care

The “Crimean Takeover” of Health Care

Current events make interesting correlations. Russia’s Hitleresque plan to annex Crimea has similarities with the federal takeover of U.S. medicine.

NewFederal Genetic Profiling of Newborns?

Federal Genetic Profiling of Newborns?

The government wants every baby’s genetic code. Today the National Institutes of Health announced federal grants totaling $25 million over five years to four institutions to develop a process to sequence the genome – the DNA – of every child at birth.

NewCCHF Research Shows State Cancer, Vaccination Registries Are Actually Surveillance Systems

CCHF Research Shows State Cancer, Vaccination Registries Are Actually Surveillance Systems

ST. PAUL, Minn.— For the past eight years, Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom has been researching health departments in all 50 states to find out how they use funding from the federal government to obtain and store citizens’ private medical information—in most cases, without patients’ consent.

NewWho is More Heartless?

Who is More Heartless?

Do you have a heart or a brain? You’ve heard it said, “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” Apparently a version of this statement was first uttered by a mid-nineteenth century French historian and statesman, François Guizot. I thought Winston Churchill said it, but even the Churchill Centre says there’s no record of such.

NewObama's Rationing Plan Revealed in Lawsuit

Obama's Rationing Plan Revealed in Lawsuit

A lawsuit has unexpectedly revealed Obama's rationing plans. The Administration says states can cut Medicaid payments to doctors and other providers to hold down costs. This is a breathtaking statement. President Obama's signature law, Obamacare, adds 16 million people to Medicaid. It offers states the "opportunity" to expand Medicaid at no cost for the first two years, and then offers to pay 90% of the cost in perpetuity of all individuals eligible under the expansion. The law also increases payment to primary care doctors for two years to encourage them to accept more Medicaid patients. 

NewGovernor Scott Walker Says No to Exchange

Governor Scott Walker Says No to Exchange

On November 16, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sent a letter to Secretary Sebelius saying, "...we have determined Wisconsin will not develop a partnership or state-based exchange."

NewState Health Insurance Exchanges Will Impose Federal Control

State Health Insurance Exchanges Will Impose Federal Control

Some State legislators believe a federally-approved Exchange established by the State will be better than a federally- imposed Exchange established by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). However, the federal law makes it clear that every Exchange must conform to federal requirements, including pending regulations. Thus, a “State Exchange” is actually an imposed Federal Exchange. Some might call it a "lobster trap" for States - once in, there's no getting out.

The Big Blue Book

The Big Blue Book

The Enroll UX 2014 Design Specifications Manual reviewed by and designed with three federal agencies (CMS, ONCHIT, CCIIO) for health insurance exchanges as discussed at the MN Health Insurance Exchange marketing workgroup, July 10, 2012.

Really, Mr. President?

Really, Mr. President?

Actions speak louder than words. Who was President Obama trying to convince otherwise in his inaugural speech? ... Obama quoted our founding documents. He attested their significance. He even mentioned "Republic" once. Three times he mentioned "founding" (founding creed, founding principles, founding documents). Five times he said, "We the people." And although he referenced Newtown, he never mentioned his 23 executive orders on guns, mental health or curtailing the Second Amendment.