Health Surveillance

NewProtect Privacy or Accept Government Control

Protect Privacy or Accept Government Control

He who holds the data makes the rules. If you haven’t figured this out, it’s almost too late.  Obama knows it. In 2009, his team mandated electronic medical records and $27 billion to make it happen as a “foundation” for health care reform.

NewWill Your Doctor Refuse the Government EMR?

Will Your Doctor Refuse the Government EMR?

Intrusions sometimes surprise. I was at the doctor’s office recently when into the exam room walked a physician assistant and a young man in a tee shirt pushing a computer on a waist-high rolling stand. This “scribe” was introduced to me, but no one asked me if it was okay for him to stay. As I answered questions he silently typed away, taking down every word.

NewNot Just A Website

Not Just A Website

“The Affordable Care Act is not just a website,” said President Obama two weeks ago.  This is truth, not spin. But Obama has not stopped spinning. He denies that he really meant, “if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan”:

New$1.4B Buys Obamacare Failure – Twice?

$1.4B Buys Obamacare Failure – Twice?

Obamacare must not be lost in the debt ceiling debate. Try not to be distracted by false claims of America defaulting on its debt. According to Ronald Reagan’s deputy assistant Treasury secretary David Malpass, writing Oct. 10 in The Wall Street Journal:


NewAs Online Obamacare Enrollment Fails, ‘Glitches’ Endanger Personal Data

As Online Obamacare Enrollment Fails, ‘Glitches’ Endanger Personal Data

CCHF: Enrollment in Obamacare Exchanges Dumps Private Data in Huge Federal Database Where It’s Accessible and Exposed

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Since October 1, enrolling online in Obamacare’s federal health insurance exchange has been an epic failure, as technological glitches abound in a poor and outdated IT system.

NewResist Obamacare – Two New Ways

Resist Obamacare – Two New Ways

Two new options for Obamacare resistance await. The first is found below in “News to Know” (Exchange Opt-Out Declaration). The second is a very important lawsuit is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court for consideration. This lawsuit will make the case that the individual and employer mandates are void due to unconstitutional processes engaged by the Democrat-led U.S. Congress. Without the mandates (and their penalties), Obamacare is toothless.

NewObama’s Phony October 1 “Deadline”

Obama’s Phony October 1 “Deadline”

October 1 is a phony deadline. Ignore it. Nobody has to sign up for Obamacare. Absolutely nothing has to happen on October 1. Instead, October 1 is the first day to refuse to enroll in Obama's exchanges ( In six days, you can begin your own personal Obamacare resistance campaign. Our motto: Resist. Repeal. Reclaim.

NewObamacare “Navigators” Outraged at Inquisition

Obamacare “Navigators” Outraged at Inquisition

It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. The groups that have received Obamacare “navigator” grants are outraged because Congress has asked them to detail the planned use of these taxpayer funds, which total $67 million.

NewHIPAA Info Wallet Card

HIPAA Info Wallet Card

Business card containing the HIPAA alert information

NewHIPAA Action Alert - Refuse to Sign

HIPAA Action Alert - Refuse to Sign

HIPAA - The Grand Deception

HIPAA does not protect health privacy - use this one-page CCHF document at your clinic and hospital to REFUSE TO SIGN the HIPAA "privacy" form. Contact CCHF for business-card-sized "refuse to sign" forms you can carry in your wallet. For more information, read the CCHF Alert.