Health Exchanges - Imposing Obamacare

"The ACA cannot be implemented without an insurance exchange in each state. It's a go or it's a no-go. It's that simple." - As Robert Laszewski, president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, Sept 2012, HealthDay.

"The exchange is the foundation of health care...Without these exchanges we're really not going to reform anything." - Terry Gardiner, national policy director for the Small Business Majority in 2010.



"Refuse to Enroll" plus Billboard and Bus Shelter Posters


Three Legal Alternatives


9 Exemptions and 14 Hardship Waivers - Obamacare Mandate


Hardship Exemption Information:


Qualifications for Exemption from ACA Mandate

Application for Hardship Exemption to ACA Mandate


Health Insurance Exchanges - Top Ten Terribles

15 REASONS: Oppose Obamaʼs Health Insurance Exchanges

CCHF mailed letters to all 50 Governors asking them to refuse to set up a state-based federal exchange (Florida letter as example)

Private Health Insurance Exchanges

MN EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS - contracts, letters, rejection letter

FEDERAL EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS (limited list) - letters from Congress and Federal Departments



NewWill “Halbig” Be Obamacare’s Undoing?

Will “Halbig” Be Obamacare’s Undoing?

What if Obamacare subsidies disappear? This week a critical decision is expected on Halbig vs. Burwell, formerly titled Halbig vs. Sebelius. The case challenges the IRS for providing millions of dollars in Obamacare subsidies to people in 36 states through the federal exchange,  

NewImpending Court Decision Could Dismantle Obamacare

Impending Court Decision Could Dismantle Obamacare

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Another landmark court decision in a case that challenges the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is expected anytime, and the outcome could have far-reaching effects for those receiving Obamacare subsidies for their government health care coverage.

NewAmerica’s Health Care System Increasingly Unsafe

America’s Health Care System Increasingly Unsafe

ST. PAUL, Minn.—The blue and white “H” signs signifying a nearby hospital should be symbols of safety and help for those in need of medical care. But increased privacy intrusions, growing threats to parental rights, and encroaching government regulations that diminish quality of care have all contributed to making our nation’s health care system an increasingly unsafe place for Americans. 

NewHMO Fox Enters Obamacare Henhouse

HMO Fox Enters Obamacare Henhouse

There are many roads to national health care. Managed care is the one America is on.

Thus, the federal government’s recent hire of Andy Slavitt to run Obamacare is very troubling. Mr. Slavitt is a managed-care executive.

NewThe Truth About Electronic Medical Records

The Truth About Electronic Medical Records

Propaganda only works for so long. Pretty soon truth catches up to it. This is exactly what’s happening with electronic health records.

If you’re a doctor you know how bad the government-mandated electronic health record (EHR) is. But if you’re a patient, you may not realize that EHRs are endangering your life and jeopardizing medical excellence.

NewOne Million Low-Income Americans Hit with Obamacare Penalty

One Million Low-Income Americans Hit with Obamacare Penalty

Many low-income families are foregoing Obamacare coverage, perhaps because of the cost. Now, one million of them will be hit with a penalty for non-coverage, according to a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

NewMore States Relying on Federal Exchange: Truth is “State” Exchanges Always a Ruse

More States Relying on Federal Exchange: Truth is “State” Exchanges Always a Ruse

Drafters of the Affordable Care Act had lofty goals and big plans for a now-flailing government health care system. Less than a year after the open enrollment date of October 1, those plans are crashing down and the deep cracks in the foundation are starting to show.

NewObamacare Rigged to Fleece Taxpayers

Obamacare Rigged to Fleece Taxpayers

Never doubt the cleverness of Big Health. Obamacare does not redistribute wealth to the poor. Instead, the law’s various requirements redistribute wealth and wages to Obama’s partner in crime: large health plans. These corporations are then by law allowed to keep the cash and shortchange the care under “medical necessity” guidelines, demonstrating again that coverage is not care.

NewNo June Obamacare Report – What’s the Administration Hiding?

No June Obamacare Report – What’s the Administration Hiding?

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Since the end of Open Enrollment, the Obama Administration has been boasting 8 million enrollees in the government-run health care plan. Ironically, not long after claiming this feat, the Administration quietly announced it would no longer release monthly enrollment reports and provided no information on when future reports might be available.

NewIRS Closes Escape Route from Obamacare

IRS Closes Escape Route from Obamacare

The Obama administration wants no one to escape Obamacare’s wealth redistribution scheme. A new IRS regulation shuts down a major escape route, corrals the unwilling and tries to keep the truth about Obamacare under wraps.