Health Exchanges - Imposing Obamacare

"The ACA cannot be implemented without an insurance exchange in each state. It's a go or it's a no-go. It's that simple." - As Robert Laszewski, president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, Sept 2012, HealthDay.

"The exchange is the foundation of health care...Without these exchanges we're really not going to reform anything." - Terry Gardiner, national policy director for the Small Business Majority in 2010.



"Refuse to Enroll" plus Billboard and Bus Shelter Posters


Three Legal Alternatives


9 Exemptions and 14 Hardship Waivers - Obamacare Mandate


Hardship Exemption Information:


Qualifications for Exemption from ACA Mandate

Application for Hardship Exemption to ACA Mandate


Health Insurance Exchanges - Top Ten Terribles

15 REASONS: Oppose Obamaʼs Health Insurance Exchanges

CCHF mailed letters to all 50 Governors asking them to refuse to set up a state-based federal exchange (Florida letter as example)

Private Health Insurance Exchanges

MN EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS - contracts, letters, rejection letter

FEDERAL EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS (limited list) - letters from Congress and Federal Departments



NewThe Obamacare Scam

The Obamacare Scam

The Affordable Care Act is a scam. Before Obamacare, indeed before managed care health plans, catastrophic policies had high deductibles and fairly low costs. That’s because they were purchased solely for financial protection against the cost of medical catastrophes like coma, car crashes and cancer. They were true insurance and thus relatively inexpensive. People reached for their checkbook, not their insurance card, when they went to a doctor.

NewHidden 14th Hardship Exemption

Hidden 14th Hardship Exemption

NewQualifications for Exemption from ACA Mandate

How do I qualify for an exemption from the fee for not having health coverage?
Most people must have health coverage or pay a fee (the “individual shared responsibility payment”). You can get an exemption in certain cases.

NewApplication for Hardship Exemption to ACA Mandate

Starting in 2014, every person needs to have health coverage or make a payment on their federal income tax return called the "shared responsibility payment."
Some people are exempt from making this payment. This application includes one category of exemption. There are other applications for other categories of exemptions. You may apply for certain other categories of exemptions when you file your federal income tax return.

NewThe BOLD Republican Plan for Health Care

The BOLD Republican Plan for Health Care

I’m not going to talk about Obama’s SOTU… except to say that I feel like I did the last time he had to get up and try to sell Obamacare to the nation: he doesn’t want to do it; he feels it’s beneath him; it’s four years after Obamacare and he’s perturbed that he still has to be marketing the law in a speech. So his comments lack passion. 

NewThe Obamacare ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’

The Obamacare ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’
Hidden 14th Hardship Exemption Opens Door for Citizens to Be Freed from Unwanted Insurance via State Exchanges

ST. PAUL, Minn.—The language of the Affordable Care Act is nothing less than vague, confusing and convoluted. But there is one section of the federal health care law that seems to be a clear way out for citizens who do not want to enroll in Obamacare—a hidden 14th hardship exemption.

NewMNsure Licensed Insurance Agent Survey 2014

MNsure Licensed Insurance Agent Survey 2014

"Licensed  health  insurance  agents  play  a  pivotal  role  in  the  success  or   failure  of  MNsure  to  achieve  its  goals.  This  survey  tested  the  interaction   of  agents  and  their  clients  during  the  period  September  2013  through   December  2013.  Prior to MNsure's launch, agents  looked  toward  MNsure   with  uncertain  hope.  By  December,  agents  became  frustrated  on  behalf   of  their  clients  and  in  their  own  practices.  Many  began  to  question   whether  to  walk  away  from  MNsure." - Dave  Racer,  MLitt, DGRCommunications,  Inc. 

NewObama’s Assault on Charity Payments for Premiums

Obama’s Assault on Charity Payments for Premiums

The sick are getting a reality check. It’s 2014, the first year of full Obamacare implementation and taxation…but Obama is focused on the well and the healthy, not the poor and the sick. An article in Inside Health Insurance Exchanges (HEX) tells the tale, “HHS Warns Hospitals, Providers Not to Cover Patient Premiums.”

NewObamacare Language on Subsidies Could Protect Americans from the Law’s Mandates and Penalties

Obamacare Language on Subsidies Could Protect Americans from the Law’s Mandates and Penalties

ST. PAUL, Minn.— Thirty-four states have refused to set up Obamacare state health insurance exchanges, and residents in those states may be exempt from Obamacare with no enforceable mandates or penalties.

NewObamacare will be Repealed

Obamacare will be Repealed

Obamacare is down, but it’s not dead. Many concerned Americans think the current travails of the Obamacare exchanges will cause the law to fail on its own. Not so.