Health Exchanges - Imposing Obamacare

"The ACA cannot be implemented without an insurance exchange in each state. It's a go or it's a no-go. It's that simple." - As Robert Laszewski, president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, Sept 2012, HealthDay.

"The exchange is the foundation of health care...Without these exchanges we're really not going to reform anything." - Terry Gardiner, national policy director for the Small Business Majority in 2010.


ACA I, II, III - Why the Affordable Care Act Should Be Repealed


"Refuse to Enroll" plus Billboard and Bus Shelter Posters


2014 Billboard Campaign


Three Legal Alternatives

** Although exchange supporters encourage insured individuals and families to try to find lower-cost taxpayer-subsidized coverage on the government exchange, there is no reason to change coverage if an individual or family currently has private health insurance that meets federal requirements.


9 Exemptions and 14 Hardship Waivers - Obamacare Mandate


Hardship Exemption Information:


Qualifications for Exemption from ACA Mandate

Application for Hardship Exemption to ACA Mandate


Health Insurance Exchanges - Top Ten Terribles

15 REASONS: Oppose Obamaʼs Health Insurance Exchanges

CCHF mailed letters to all 50 Governors asking them to refuse to set up a state-based federal exchange (Florida letter as example)

Private Health Insurance Exchanges

MN EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS - contracts, letters, rejection letter

FEDERAL EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS (limited list) - letters from Congress and Federal Departments



Reality #5 - Powerful Board of Seven Strangers

Reality #5 - Powerful Board of Seven Strangers

The Minnesota Insurance Exchange legislation specifically defines the “Minnesota Insurance Marketplace” as a Board. This board would be a defacto state agency, signing IT contracts, accepting state appropriations, having a dedicated state account, overseeing health care across the state of Minnesota, and choosing what insurance options are available on the exchange.

Twila speaking in Rochester, MN

Twila speaking in Rochester, MN

"Obamacare will impact your life. Get the facts."

Twila was invited to address the Rochester Area Tea Party gathering on January 31st of 2013. This gave an opportunity for those outside the metropolitan area a chance to ask questions, get the facts and get mobilized.

Reality #4 – National Database of Your Personal Information

Reality #4 – National Database of Your Personal Information

Buried in the text of the Minnesota Obamacare Exchange bill (MNHIX) has a tiny but controversial section allowing free-flow sharing of all data the government has on you. It also grants them access to the date “other entities” have on you. There is no limit to the agencies that can share data. There is no limit to the data that can be shared. There is no limit with whom the data may be shared.

Single-Seller "Marketplace"

Single-Seller 'Marketplace'

Is there only ONE marketplace in America? According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), individuals should go to THE "Health Insurance Marketplace" to buy health insurance.

Reality #3 – Obama's Bluff - the "Federal Health Exchange"

Reality #3 – Obama's Bluff - the 'Federal Health Exchange'

Although language for a "federal" health insurance exchange exists in Obama's reform law, it's essentially a bluff. The federal government never intended to create it. They don't want to create it. They didn't even give themselves money to create it. 

Ten States to Connect with “Federal Surveillance Center”

Ten States to Connect with “Federal Surveillance Center”

The federal health department recently granted $1.5 billion in aid to states actively building their health insurance exchanges – government entities that feed private data into a ‘Federal Surveillance Center’ that has access to a wide variety of data about all Americans and makes it available to state and federal government agencies...

Reality #2: It’s Not Travelocity!

Reality #2: It’s Not Travelocity!

The Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange (MNHIX) has been compared to Travelocity. Proponents have called it a “marketplace.” However, one look at the diagram below – created by reading the State’s detailed contract with Maximus, Inc, which is building the Exchange -- makes it clear that this is not Travelocity. This is a government bureaucracy. It’s big. It’s intrusive. And it’s a state agency under federal control. The contract even calls it the “federal MNHIX.”

Reality #1: Not A Marketplace

Reality #1: Not A Marketplace

The “Minnesota Insurance Marketplace” in Senate File 1/House File 5 is not competitive, limits citizens’ choice of health insurance options, expands government dependency (premium subsidies for middle class/Medicaid expansion), is managed by unelected state workers, is under federal control (law/regulations), and operates through the online transfer of vast quantities of personal data on individuals from state and federal government.  

MN Health Insurance Exchange Realities

Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange Diagram

Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange Diagram

Minnesota Legislation: Senate File 1/ House File 5

Adding Minnesotans to “the largest consolidation of personal data in the history of the republic” - USA TODAY