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NewClaiming 8 Million Enrollees, Obamacare Is Little More than Medicaid for the Middle Class

Claiming 8 Million Enrollees, Obamacare Is Little More than Medicaid for the Middle Class

Now that the Obamacare enrollment deadline has come and gone, cheerleaders for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are calling the initiative a success, boasting 8 million signups since enrollment began in October.

But one patient advocacy group says Obamacare has succeeded only in creating a new Medicaid for the middle class.

NewCCH Freedom Says Minnesota on Precipice of Repealing Genetic Privacy

CCH Freedom Says Minnesota on Precipice of Repealing Genetic Privacy
ST. PAUL, Minn.—Minnesota State House and Senate committees have passed a controversial bill on genetic privacy that would strip parents of initial right of consent in having their baby’s DNA researched and stored indefinitely.

NewTwila Brase Testimony on "Repeal Genetic Privacy" Bill

Twila Brase Testimony on 'Repeal Genetic Privacy' Bill
Newborn screening  is the “largest single application of genetic testing in medicine,” as stated by Dr. Jeffrey Botkin, MD, MPH, at the University of Utah’s Department of Pediatrics and Medical Ethics.  Also, I’d like to draw to your attention the written testimony submitted by the Council for Responsible Genetics,  which opposes this bill saying it’s in opposition to recommendations by national committees and research   studies.

NewHIX Federal System of Records

HIX Federal System of Records

From the Federal Register/ Vol. 78, No. 25 / Wednesday, February 6, 2013 / Notices:

Department of Health and Human Services:

".. CMS is establishing a new system of records titled, "Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) Program, " to support the CMS Health Insurance Exchanges Program established under provisions of the Affordable Care Act..."

NewCorrupt IRS to Enforce Obamacare

Corrupt IRS to Enforce Obamacare

ST.PAUL, Minn.— Guess which government agency will enforce Obamacare? One with a stellar record for privacy and fairness?

No. It’s the Internal Revenue Service, currently under investigation for unfairly targeting conservative groups in America with audits, harassment and delays. Once Obamacare kicks in fully, the IRS will not only oversee your tax returns but your health insurance status too

New"Big Brother" Prescription Tracking System Proposed

'Big Brother' Prescription Tracking System Proposed

Tracking is a favorite federal activity. Two bills in Congress would create prescription-tracking systems, ostensibly to identify and locate counterfeit drugs: a bipartisan 85-page House bill and a bipartisan 107-page Senate bill.

NewTwila Speaking at DNA BioBank Press Conference

Twila Speaking at DNA BioBank Press Conference

On April 10, 2013, CCHF Presidenta Twila Brase spoke at a press conference hosted by Rep. Peggy Scott opposing the creation of a DNA BioBank by the state of Minnesota. She was joined Dr. Michelle Goodwin, a Bioethics professor from the U of M, and several other members of the MN House and Senate.

NewReality #6 – Exchange Board will Limit Insurance Choices

Reality #6 – Exchange Board will Limit Insurance Choices

Among the far-reaching powers granted to the seven-member MN Health Insurance Exchange board in the proposed legislation is the power to choose what health insurance plans you, the consumer who may be forced to buy insurance on the Exchange, are allowed to purchase.

NewReality #5 - Powerful Board of Seven Strangers

Reality #5 - Powerful Board of Seven Strangers

The Minnesota Insurance Exchange legislation specifically defines the “Minnesota Insurance Marketplace” as a Board. This board would be a defacto state agency, signing IT contracts, accepting state appropriations, having a dedicated state account, overseeing health care across the state of Minnesota, and choosing what insurance options are available on the exchange.

Sen. Thune: No IRS Enforcement of ACA

Sen. Thune: No IRS Enforcement of ACA

South Dakota Senator Thune sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew asking that the IRS be removed from enforcement responsibilities for the ACA due to the controversial deference and admitted misconduct in granting tax exempt status for political and educational groups.