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NewYour Doctor, the Robot

Your Doctor, the Robot

Will robots dictate medical treatment? In “Could Artificial Intelligence End the Electronic Medical Record Nightmare?” physician Kevin R. Stone says doctors, nurses and patients used to talk with each other to share information and solve problems, but now, “The electronic medical record has killed the oral science.” 

New23 Scary Words in Obamacare

23 Scary Words in Obamacare

Will your doctor be blacklisted? There are 23 words in Obamacare that haven’t gotten much attention -- but should scare every doctor and every patient.

Health Insurers “Closed for Business”

Health Insurers “Closed for Business”

Health insurers are shutting down for seven months. It’s virtually lights out. Unless you have a qualifying “life event,” you must wait until open enrollment begins Obamacare on November 15. A product once available year around for Americans to purchase no longer is. The entire industry now runs on the Obamacare schedule.

Bipartisan Attempt to Control Your Doctor

Bipartisan Attempt to Control Your Doctor

Who will control your doctor? Yesterday the U.S. Energy and Commerce House health subcommittee voted to pass a version of the bipartisan 70-page draft “SGR repeal” bill that will change the way Medicare pays your doctor and other clinicians. The bill repeals a longstanding contentious system of yearly payment cuts under a law called the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR)  -- but then it puts government in charge of doctors.

Obama's Rationing Plan Revealed in Lawsuit

Obama's Rationing Plan Revealed in Lawsuit

A lawsuit has unexpectedly revealed Obama's rationing plans. The Administration says states can cut Medicaid payments to doctors and other providers to hold down costs. This is a breathtaking statement. President Obama's signature law, Obamacare, adds 16 million people to Medicaid. It offers states the "opportunity" to expand Medicaid at no cost for the first two years, and then offers to pay 90% of the cost in perpetuity of all individuals eligible under the expansion. The law also increases payment to primary care doctors for two years to encourage them to accept more Medicaid patients. 

CCHF Predicts Patient Difficulty in Accessing Care

CCHF Predicts Patient Difficulty in Accessing Care

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to be implemented, patient privacy is one of the most oft-noted concerns as data is forced online, but the law’s impact on patient access to care is critical. The Citizens' Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) predicts, based on the results of a new study, that patients will have difficulty accessing medical care.

CCHC Opposes Rescission of Practitioner Freedom of Conscience Clause

No patient, no government official, no policymaker should be able to require a practitioner to do what is viewed as unethical, morally objectionable or a violation of the religious beliefs of that practitioner. 

Applications to Med School Decline

Let's not kid ourselves. Becoming a physician today requires more than altruism. It requires courage. Caring for patients is a day-to-day battle with managed care companies. Committing an error in billing is now a federal offense. And following burdensome tomes of government regulations is all but impossible.

Want a Nurse? Get in Line!

Hospitals and nursing facilities across the nation are severely short-staffed. So heard legislators at the Minnesota Workforce Task Force in December. In fact, at one point in the previous two months, four Minnesota hospitals were closed for discretionary admissions at the same time because there was not enough staff to care for patients, according to the Minnesota Nurses Association.

CCHF Opposes National Provider Indentification Number (ID)

We seek more informaiton on the NPI number and enforcement, and do not support mandatory enumeration of all providers, the proposed broad data collection that goes well beyond identification, the violation of statute regarding security of information exchanged, the addition of two transactions, the waiver proposal, or the central registry option.