NewMNsure Licensed Insurance Agent Survey 2014

MNsure Licensed Insurance Agent Survey 2014

"Licensed  health  insurance  agents  play  a  pivotal  role  in  the  success  or   failure  of  MNsure  to  achieve  its  goals.  This  survey  tested  the  interaction   of  agents  and  their  clients  during  the  period  September  2013  through   December  2013.  Prior to MNsure's launch, agents  looked  toward  MNsure   with  uncertain  hope.  By  December,  agents  became  frustrated  on  behalf   of  their  clients  and  in  their  own  practices.  Many  began  to  question   whether  to  walk  away  from  MNsure." - Dave  Racer,  MLitt, DGRCommunications,  Inc. 

NewWithout Consent - "Genetic Grab" List from MDH

Without Consent - 'Genetic Grab' List from MDH

Four months into the legislative session, and after many requests, the Minnesota Department of Health has provided the state legislature with a list of all the genetic information (biological specimens and health data) that they have been collecting, using, storing and disseminating without legislative authority or individual written consent -- as required by the Minnesota Genetic Privacy Act (M.S. 13.386). The list was provided shortly before a floor vote on April 18 to give MDH retrospective legal protection against MGPA violation lawsuits as well as prospective authority to collect, store, use and share any and all genetic information on individuals without the individual's consent, long into the future.

The FIRST PAGE includes data that the statutes allow. The SECOND AND THIRD page is DNA and data they've collected and used by making up their own rules. There may be a statute listed, but it doesn't give them express authority to do what they've been doing in violation of the law. HF 695 and SF 745 will protect them from lawsuits forever...and give MDH ownership claims to the DNA of citizens. PETITION:

NewMinnesota Health Insurance Exchange Diagram

Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange Diagram

Minnesota Legislation: Senate File 1/ House File 5

Adding Minnesotans to “the largest consolidation of personal data in the history of the republic” - USA TODAY

Minnesota Exchange Documents

Minnesota Exchange Documents

Governor Dayton is building President Obama's health insurance exchange (federal takeover center) without legislative authority. He issued an Executive Order on October 31, 2011 when the 2011 legislature did not pass a law to establish a state-run exchange. This page provides KEY DOCUMENTS from the battle between the legislature and the Governor over implementing Obamacare -- national health care -- in Minnesota.