NewHealth Insurers “Closed for Business”

Health Insurers “Closed for Business”

Health insurers are shutting down for seven months. It’s virtually lights out. Unless you have a qualifying “life event,” you must wait until open enrollment begins Obamacare on November 15. A product once available year around for Americans to purchase no longer is. The entire industry now runs on the Obamacare schedule.

NewIs the Individual Mandate Gone?

Is the Individual Mandate Gone?
Why worry about the March 31 open enrollment deadline? There no longer appears to be a mandate to buy health insurance. The Obama administration recently added a 14th hardship exemption that gives anyone and everyone an “out” -- without need of documentation to prove your case. It’s a “catch-all” exemption, as reported by BusinessWeek.

NewThe “Crimean Takeover” of Health Care

The “Crimean Takeover” of Health Care

Current events make interesting correlations. Russia’s Hitleresque plan to annex Crimea has similarities with the federal takeover of U.S. medicine.

NewProtect Privacy or Accept Government Control

Protect Privacy or Accept Government Control

He who holds the data makes the rules. If you haven’t figured this out, it’s almost too late.  Obama knows it. In 2009, his team mandated electronic medical records and $27 billion to make it happen as a “foundation” for health care reform.

NewThat’s Exactly What Obama Wants

That’s Exactly What Obama Wants

Obamacare limits access to doctors. From the Los Angeles Times: “A month into the most sweeping changes to healthcare in half a century, people are having trouble finding doctors at all, getting faulty information on which ones are covered and receiving little help from insurers swamped by new business.” 

NewConcerned Public Cluelessness on Obamacare

Concerned Public Cluelessness on Obamacare

Lack of knowledge is helping President Obama impose the Affordable Care Act. The public does not like “Obamacare” but they say they like the Affordable Care Act. Most don’t know it’s the same thing -- and the federal government and Obamacare supporters want to keep it that way. That must not happen.

NewAnarchy in the White House

Anarchy in the White House

The White House is engaged in anarchy. Do you think this too strong a word? Decide for yourself.  Definitions of anarchy found online include:

  • “A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.”
  • “Absence or denial of any authority or established order.”

NewThe Obamacare Scam

The Obamacare Scam

The Affordable Care Act is a scam. Before Obamacare, indeed before managed care health plans, catastrophic policies had high deductibles and fairly low costs. That’s because they were purchased solely for financial protection against the cost of medical catastrophes like coma, car crashes and cancer. They were true insurance and thus relatively inexpensive. People reached for their checkbook, not their insurance card, when they went to a doctor.

NewThe BOLD Republican Plan for Health Care

The BOLD Republican Plan for Health Care

I’m not going to talk about Obama’s SOTU… except to say that I feel like I did the last time he had to get up and try to sell Obamacare to the nation: he doesn’t want to do it; he feels it’s beneath him; it’s four years after Obamacare and he’s perturbed that he still has to be marketing the law in a speech. So his comments lack passion. 

NewWill Your Doctor Refuse the Government EMR?

Will Your Doctor Refuse the Government EMR?

Intrusions sometimes surprise. I was at the doctor’s office recently when into the exam room walked a physician assistant and a young man in a tee shirt pushing a computer on a waist-high rolling stand. This “scribe” was introduced to me, but no one asked me if it was okay for him to stay. As I answered questions he silently typed away, taking down every word.