NewDon’t “Fix” (Expand) Obamacare

Don’t “Fix” (Expand) Obamacare

Republicans must ignore bad advice. Liberal media, government officials, Democrats, and ACA proponents say Republicans must soon “fix” (expand) Obamacare. 

New10 Harmful Ways Gov’t Will Use Your Data

10 Harmful Ways Gov’t Will Use Your Data

Monday, CCH Freedom released our first publication of stories on “The HIPAA Privacy Deception.”  In short, there’s no privacy. HIPAA is not what people think it is. The 12 stories came from people who legally refused to sign the so-called “HIPAA privacy form” at their clinic or hospital.

New“Obamacare Architect” Refuses to Tell the Truth

“Obamacare Architect” Refuses to Tell the Truth

Yesterday, Jonathan Gruber was on the hot seat. His videotaped comments discussing “the stupidity of the American voter” have caused a firestorm nationwide. Yesterday, he testified for a U.S. House hearing called, “Examining Obamacare Transparency Failures.” I called it the grilling of Gruber.

NewYour Doctor, the Robot

Your Doctor, the Robot

Will robots dictate medical treatment? In “Could Artificial Intelligence End the Electronic Medical Record Nightmare?” physician Kevin R. Stone says doctors, nurses and patients used to talk with each other to share information and solve problems, but now, “The electronic medical record has killed the oral science.” 

NewBe Thankful for Ten Obamacare Realities

Be Thankful for Ten Obamacare Realities

Thursday is the day Congress set apart to give thanks to God, including thanks for the freedom that Americans have been given, as well as the freedom to fight to keep tyrants from taking it away.


NewThe Health Plan Scam

The Health Plan Scam

On October 20, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan lost in the U.S. Supreme Court. The justices dismissed their case without review. The charges of fraud, as well as the court-ordered $6 million penalty, are now a matter of record.

NewHired to Hoodwink

Hired to Hoodwink

Jonathan Gruber says Americans were purposely deceived. Then this Obamacare architect adds insult to injury. He calls Americans stupid. Now he says the videotaped comment was “off the cuff.” But alas, yet another videotape finds him saying that Americans are “too stupid to understand” the language in Obamacare.

NewBeware Democrats Wanting to “Work Together”

Beware Democrats Wanting to “Work Together”

The people have spoken. The Republicans have won big. President Obama has been repudiated, even if he claims it isn’t so. He said his policies were on the ballot, and Americans said if these are your policies, we don’t want your candidates.

NewCheckboxes, Ebola, and Embedding the EHR

Checkboxes, Ebola, and Embedding the EHR

Should the EHR be blamed? After a Texas hospital let Liberian Thomas Duncan go home (with Ebola), hospital officials blamed the electronic health record (EHR). A day later, they retracted their statement -- without explanation.

NewBetween a Rock…and a Readmission

Between a Rock…and a Readmission

We’re in a hard place. Last year, Obamacare initiated a program to reduce so-called “excess readmissions” in hospitals. Section 3025 requires all hospitals subject to the policy to pay a penalty, called a “payment adjustment,” up to 3% if they readmit too many Medicare patients within 30 days of discharge.