New50-State Health Surveillance Report

50-State Health Surveillance Report

CCHF has release a new Policy Insights Report:  "Patient Privacy and Public Trust: How Health Surveillance Systems Are Undermining Both" Written by Twila Brase, President of CCHF, it reveals the scope and hidden nature of state government health surveillance systems. Using a variety of methods over eight years, CCHF gathered data from all 50 states and D.C. on four major government patient-tracking systems. This data has now been published by CCHF to alert the public to government surveillance and to urge state legislative action to protect individual privacy and consent rights.

NewHealth Insurance Exchanges - Top Ten Terribles

Health Insurance Exchanges - Top Ten Terribles

CCHF President, Twila Brase, shared these “Top Ten Terribles of Health Insurance Exchanges.”

NewElectronic Health Records – 10 Concerns

Electronic Health Records – 10 Concerns

Advocates claim federally certified electronic health records (EHRs) will transform health care delivery in America. However, concerns include:

1. Computerized medical records give government health officials easy access to private details of the confidential patient-doctor relationship...

NewACA Health Insurance Exchanges – State Costs & Status

ACA Health Insurance Exchanges – State Costs & Status

New CCHF chart showing the annual operating costs each state would have to pay to manage a state-managed, state-funded federal exchange under Obamacare. If you have data or information you believe to be an update from the data on the chart, please feel free to send it to CCHF with the url citation.

NewList of 50 State Governors - November 2012

Use this list to contact your governor, asking him or her not to commit to any kind of Obamacare health insurance exchange. More information can be found here, including our 15 reasons to oppose the exchange.

NewPrivate Health Insurance Exchanges The Emerging Marketplace

Private Health Insurance Exchanges The Emerging Marketplace

While the federal government is spending many billions of dollars to set up state-run monopoly exchanges, we are seeing the growth of “private health insurance exchanges” to do what no state monopoly is capable of.

NewState Health Insurance Exchanges Will Impose Federal Control

State Health Insurance Exchanges Will Impose Federal Control

Some State legislators believe a federally-approved Exchange established by the State will be better than a federally- imposed Exchange established by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). However, the federal law makes it clear that every Exchange must conform to federal requirements, including pending regulations. Thus, a “State Exchange” is actually an imposed Federal Exchange. Some might call it a "lobster trap" for States - once in, there's no getting out.

National Patient ID

National Patient ID

After a 1998 federal hearing caused a public outcry, Congress prohibited the use of federal dollars to create the unique patient identifier (UPI). However, the law has not been repealed, and in response to new 2009 federal funding to establish a nationwide health information network (NHIN), government agencies, corporations, organizations and the health IT industry have banded together anew to advance a national patient ID card.

You CAN'T Keep Your Insurance - Obama's Radical Restructuring

You CAN'T Keep Your Insurance - Obama's Radical Restructuring

"A Radical Restructuring of Health Insurance" is a paper to be read by all Americans. The Galen Institute has provided an extraordinary list of examples of insurance companies dropping people from insurance due to Obamacare. The numbers are staggering. For instance, Blue Cross in New York is dropping 20,000 businesses. Cigna is ending coverage for small businesses in 16 states. 


Wisconsin Exchange Plan Shows Intrusive Diagram

Wisconsin Exchange Plan Shows Intrusive Diagram

The battle over the Exchange is raging right now in Wisconsin. This document shows the plans for the Wisconsin Health Insurance Exchange and has a particularly descriptive photo of the intrusive "Complex Data Environment" required if States decide to install a federal exchange in their state in compliance with Obamacare. Unprecedented data sharing with the federal government would take place in the Exchange before individuals would be allowed to purchase health insurance through the exchange. Many employers may decide to send their employees to the exchange. The exchange is also intended to "police" the Obamacare mandate to purchase health insurance, now being challenged in the courts.