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12/03/21 The Great Resist PDF
12/02/21 Who Will Stop the Dangerous Pfizer Injection? PDF
12/01/21 Is the FDA Building Profits for Pfizer? PDF
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UrgentBe Prepared! Create Your Own Early Treatment Kit!

Be Prepared! Create Your Own Early Treatment Kit!

Use this list to create your own Early Treatment Kit for yourself and your home. Most items can be found at your local drugstore or pharmacy - use the links at for the rest.

NewJudges Stop Biden Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

Judges Stop Biden Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

Biden’s attempt to mandate vaccinations nationwide is failing in dramatic fashion. Yesterday, November 30, Judge Terry A. Doughty in the Eighth Circuit issued an injunction nationwide against the November 5 interim final rule mandating the shot for health care workers. The only states not covered are the 10 states that received an injuction November 29 by Judge Matthew T. Schelp. Thus, no more health care workers should be terminated or be placed on unpaid leave.

NewALERT: Stop Unique Patient Identifier

ALERT: Stop Unique Patient Identifier

Call/Write your representatives and ask them to STOP the Unique Patient ID and keep the UPI ban in place in the Appropriations Bill. Find your representative here:

Representatives | House — Representatives |

U.S. Senate — U.S. Senate: Contacting U.S. Senators

NewCCHF Launches “DON’T BE BULLIED” Billboard Campaign

CCHF Launches “DON’T BE BULLIED” Billboard Campaign

The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom has launched an ambitious billboard campaign with the intent of raising awareness and building resistance to the vaccination mandates that are currently being used as an effort to coerce Americans into submitting to the “jab”.

NewHelpful COVID-19 Resources

Helpful COVID-19 Resources

Three resources for public access and assistance within the Coronavirus "drawer" of the CCHF Patient Toolbox. Use them as a resource on the vaccine, adverse reactions, early treatment options and legal assistance.



It’s important to stop the viral replication stage of COVID-19, thereby avoiding the dangerous cytokine storm and the microthrombosis (mini-clots) stages. Here is a list of options for receiving early treatment, including ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), if an individual cannot find access to early treatment elsewhere. "Treat first. Test later. Don't wait for test results." "Delay is what's killing people." -- Dr. Darrell DeMello, MD