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MEDICAL SHARING: An Inexpensive Alternative to Health Insurance

(St. Paul/Minneapolis) - The Citizens' Council on Health Care (CCHC) today releases a new policy brief on Medical Sharing groups, or health care sharing ministries, as they are titled in H.R. 3590, the health insurance reform bill pending in the U.S. Senate. Members of health care sharing ministries, along with several other groups of individuals, are exempt from the individual mandate (H.R. 3590, page 327).

The cost for a family can be less than $300 per month.

"If the U.S. Senate version of health insurance reform passes and premium costs increase as predicted by the Congressional Budget Office, medical sharing may be one of the only ways for Americans to get affordable coverage," says Twila Brase, president of CCHC.

The report, "MEDICAL SHARING - An Inexpensive Alternative to Health Insurance" includes:

  • Comparison chart between sharing groups and health insurance for family of four
  • Criteria for enrollment and sharing of expenses
  • Cost comparison table - Kaiser Family Foundation survey
  • Quotes from pleased members
  • Controversy in Oklahoma
  • Detailed CCHC chart that compares the three medical sharing groups in the U.S.

Mr. Carlton Burris, quoted in the CCHC report, told CCHC that he paid only $1,800 of a $140,000 quadruple bypass bill. Mr. Burris is covered by Medi-Share, one of the nation's three medical sharing groups.

"The American public needs to know about medical sharing groups," says Ms. Brase. "Medical sharing provides affordable coverage, encourages cost-conscious decision making by members, and creates a caring sense of community within the group." 

Media Contact:

Twila Brase, President and Co-founder
Office: 651-646-8935

Public Comment Request: Obamacare "Essential Health Benefits" Requirement

Public Comment Request: Obamacare 'Essential Health Benefits' Requirement
In early January, the state government requested public comments on the Obamacare "essential health benefits" requirement for individual and small group insurance policies. This provision of Obamacare again demonstrates the unconstitutional imposition of federal power on States beyond the enumerated powers allowed by the U.S. Constitution.   Read the request here.