Follow Bobby Jindal’s Lead on Obamacare


March 4, 2015
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Are you tired of hearing people say Republicans have to fix Obamacare if we win King v. Burwell? So it seems is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Writing in the National Review, he admonishes Republicans for considering extension of Obama’s illegal Obamacare subsidies:

Twenty-five years ago this fall, what Richard Wirthlin, President Reagan’s pollster, called the “six most destructive words in the history of presidential politics” came crashing down. On November 5, 1990, President George H. W. Bush officially violated his “read my lips: no new taxes” pledge by signing his infamous budget deal with Democrats in Congress. For the intervening quarter-century, Republicans across the country, seeing the bipartisan opposition to Bush’s change of heart, have held the line, steadfastly refusing to pass tax increases. Now, however, some on the right are considering what amounts to a twofold case of apostasy: passing a multi-billion dollar tax increase — the first in 25 years — to fund additional spending on Obamacare.
Jindal says a Supreme Court decision for King in King v. Burwell would restore the original language of Obamacare (subsidies are only allowed through “an exchange established by the state”), nullify the administration’s rule that provides subsidies through the federal exchange, make the mandate taxes “disappear in those 37 states” that don’t have a state exchange and thus “represent a sizable tax cut.” In summary, Jindal writes:
“The tax reduction from eliminating the employer mandate, and weakening the individual mandate, outweighs any tax increase from eliminating the subsidies — meaning a favorable ruling in King v. Burwell would cut American’s taxes by many billions.”
So why would Republican leaders consider keeping (extending) the subsidies, the mandates and the taxes? Why would they help expand Obamacare?
Where is their zeal for putting an end to Obamacare? For terminating the federal takeover of health care? For starving Obama’s exchange system of the cash it needs to stay alive? For making sure patients aren’t victims of rationing using the law’s comparative effectiveness research institute (PCORI) and the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) “death panel”?
Could it be fear of losing campaign donors, and with them Congressional seats and majority status? Health plans, known for large campaign contributions, want the subsidies and mandates to continue.
Governor Jindal’s resolve is invigorating.  Obamacare is already very painful for Americans in terms of cost, choice and access to care. The situation will only get worse if the law is left to fester, further embed itself and grow.
Plaintiffs in King v Burwell simply want the Obama administration to follow the Affordable Care Act as written. Today, as SCOTUS heard arguments in the case, Obama hopes the justices will rule that the words of the law don’t mean what they say or if not, that Republicans will legalize his illegal subsidies.
Let’s follow Governor Jindal’s leadership. If Obama wins the lawsuit, Obamacare is still in trouble (see last week's stats) with skyrocketing premiums predicted for 2017 with repeal more and more likely. But if King wins, GOP leaders should resolve to FREE millions of Americans now from the billions of tax dollars President Obama illegally assessed on employers and individuals nationwide – and by doing so, throw Obamacare into a death spiral of its own making. 
Committed to freeing Americans from Obamacare,
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder