The Danger of Obama’s “Pre-Existing Conditions” Ban



March 18, 2015
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What is insurance? I’ll bet you bought insurance for your car, your house, your rental unit, your computer system, or your income (disability insurance) hoping NEVER to use that policy -- but grateful to have it in case the worst happened.

Consider…. If you have no car insurance, can you sign up and have it pay for damages from the deer you just hit? Will you be protected from floods if the river is pouring through your door while you wait to apply for flood insurance? No.
Thus, Obamacare bans health insurance. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires insurers to sell coverage to the ill and injured; people who have never paid a dime into the plan. It bans pre-existing condition exclusions, and with it health insurance. Instead of insurance, we have mandated third-party payment of medical bills (albeit at a higher price and deductible – The Obamacare Scam).
The end of insurance is dangerous. The ACA’s prohibition on denying coverage to the already-sick has become the law’s strongest hold on a compassionate American public.  But it’s dangerous because it’s the essence of national health care. Mandated coverage for all is the foundation of socialized medicine. Using health plans for coverage simply offers a veneer of private insurance.
Americans typically arrive in a “pre-existing condition desert” because of employer-sponsored coverage and family insurance plans. Both policies can leave enrollees stranded with a pre-existing medical condition when forced to leave the plan. And naturally, insurers are not interested in paying for conditions they never insured.
There is a way out. The path to freedom is available -- and increasingly possible as Obamacare opposition grows and support for repeal increases. Here is a starter package of much-needed policy changes:
·      Repeal every word of Obamacare, including the ban on pre-existing condition exclusions.
·      Refuse to legalize Obama’s illegal subsidies if King wins King v. Burwell.
·      Refuse to build a state exchange no matter who wins King v. Burwell.
·      Restore access to indemnity (catastrophic) policies – true health insurance
·      Offer individual insurance pre-birth, with ownership linked to the baby.
·      Encourage ownership of insurance so people are not stuck with pre-existing conditions when they leave their job or family.
·      Enact state laws that enable “take it anywhere” health insurance.
·      Give Medicare recipients freedom to leave Medicare without penalty.
·      Encourage ownership of private health insurance to the end of life.
But what about people stuck with pre-existing conditions? First, before the ACA, 34 states had high-risk pools for these folks with a total of 200,000 enrolled. The ACA prohibited these arrangements and all but 10 have been dismantled. However, Obama quietly reauthorized them this past December (as a cushion against losing King v. Burwell??) and Republicans appear eager to reintroduce them.
Second, those with pre-existing conditions are just 0.6% of the population, and far less than the expected 700,000 enrollees signed up for the ACA’s temporary pre-existing condition insurance program. Third, despite claims otherwise, some insurers offered coverage to those with pre-existing conditions pre-ACA, (at a higher cost because it was no longer insurance) and would likely again. And fourth, the Cato Institute suggests ‘health status insurance.’ As a Cato scholar writes,
“UnitedHealth now lets you buy the right to future insurance—insurance against developing a pre-existing condition. … Insurance policies could separate current insurance and the right to buy future insurance. Then, if you are temporarily covered by an employer, you could keep the pre-existing-condition protection.”
Obama’s ban on pre-existing condition exclusions must be seen for what it is: the establishment of socialized medicine. It’s not kind, patient-friendly or caring. It’s the path to government control. Let’s get off that path while still we can.
Pointing the way back to health freedom,
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder