Will Supreme Court Set 37 States Free from Obamacare?



June 17, 2015

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We’ll have the answer in less than two weeks. The U.S. Supreme Court will issue a ruling on the King v. Burwell Obamacare subsidy case by June 29. But pro-Obamacare forces are busy pressuring Republicans to let 6.5 million people keep their illegal subsidies (expand Obamacare) if the administration loses. Here is one example from Politico Pro:
“Inside the Beltway, we're all on eggshells waiting on the Supreme Court's King ruling. Outside the Beltway, not so much. The new Kaiser poll finds seven in 10 Americans have heard either nothing at all or only a little about the Obamacare case. Just 13 percent said they had heard "a lot" about it.
“Still, most people in the nearly three dozen states that could lose their subsidies said lawmakers should act to keep those flowing. About 63 percent of people overall said Congress should step in if the plaintiffs win, compared with about 55 percent of people in the states that would be affected, which are mostly controlled by Republicans….”
So the 70% who know little to nothing about the lawsuit are competent to advise Congress? I wonder what they’d say if they actually understood the law. For instance, before the Kaiser Health Tracking Poll team asked them if Congress should continue the illegal subsidies, did they ask these individuals:
·      Is it OK for the President to expand Obamacare even if it’s against the law?
·      Is it OK that subsidies are paid for by taxes and higher premiums on many people who can no longer
            work fulltime due to Obamacare?
·      Should people in 37 states be free from Obamacare’s mandates and penalties or be forced to buy health
            insurance so 6.5 million people in those states can receive subsidies?
·      Would you rather be able to work more hours and have more job opportunities or let the 6.5 million people
            keep their illegal subsidies?
The Affordable Care Act ties mandates and penalties directly to the availability of Obamacare subsidies. Without subsidies, employers and most individuals would be free from the law’s mandates and penalties. This means employers and individuals in the 37 states without a state exchange would be free because subsidies can only be issued by an exchange “established by the state.”
Every member of Congress took an oath to defend the Constitution. In 2010, Obama and Congressional Democrats violated that oath by enacting Obamacare. But every Republican voted no.
If the justices rule against the administration (Burwell), Republicans have an opportunity to:
·      Deprive the ACA of subsidy and enrollment funding it needs to stay viable.
·      Implode Obamacare’s exchange and its IRS enforcement system.
·      Obstruct 2,700 pages of law and more than 20,000 pages of regulations.
·      Restore health care choices and decrease health care costs.
·      Undo government controls over doctors and patients.
If the administration wins, freedom-restoring options include defunding and repealing Obamacare. There must be no extension of the illegal taxpayer-funded subsidies.
If the administration loses, Republicans must refuse to help Obama save his national health care legacy. The only health care legacy worth saving is health freedom -- and that will take an act (or perhaps in this case, an inaction) of Congress.
In freedom,
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder

P.S. If Obama loses in the Supreme Court this week, Republicans must herald the fact that people in 37 states have been set free from Obamacare penalties. Let Congress know you’re counting on them to protect freedom, not Obamacare. (Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121)