18 Ways They’re Wrong . . .


September 30, 2015

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Remember the Trojan Horse? This deceptive “gift” was used to gain entry into Troy. Once the wooden horse got through the protective gates, Greek soldiers waited inside for nightfall, exited the horse, opened the city gates, let in the Greek army and staged an attack.
Like the Trojan Horse, Obamacare entered our constitutionally-protected gates of American law through deception, legislative contortions, and temporary one-party power. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, despite taking an oath to protect our constitutional freedoms, kept Obamacare securely inside the gates -- twice. 
But unlike the Trojan Horse, Obamacare has not fully unloaded its destructive force. Thus, the slow rollout of the law and its behind-the-scenes provisions -- calculated to prevent 310 million Americans from getting angry all at once -- have led many citizens to think of Obamacare as little more than a 'harmless horse' hanging out in the law of the land.
“I don’t like Obamacare, but it doesn’t affect me,” is what too people tell me. They’re wrong, but who can blame them?  Given how little the news media has informed the public about what's actually in the 2,700 pages of law and 20,000+ pages of rules, how can Americans recognize this law as the Trojan Horse it is?
Doctors, hospitals, employers, health plans and Medicare may not stamp their calculated responses to the law with an 'Obamacare' label but that doesn’t mean it’s not the cause of new delays, restrictions and intrusions. So, here are just 18 ways Obamacare is affecting almost everyone: 
  1. Managed care for all; indemnity health insurance prohibited
  2. Massive consolidations of hospitals; loss of local access
  3. Doctors lose independence; become hospital employees
  4. Specialists leave practice of medicine; retire early
  5. Patients forced to see a non-physician instead of physician
  6. Computer-driven “team-based” care
  7. Delays in care to avoid hospital readmission penalties
  8. Insurers buying (taking control of) hospitals.
  9. Hospitals assume financial risk for care (becoming insurers)
  10. Insurers created ‘narrow networks’; longer waits for care
  11. Needed drugs deleted from drug formulary lists
  12. Standardized treatment protocols instead of individualized care
  13. Coercive exchange enrollment (Cadillac tax; premium subsidies)
  14. Government tracking income, insurance status, patients, doctors
  15. Higher premiums and deductibles; less compensation in wages
  16. Fewer jobs, fewer working hours, lower incomes
  17. Intrusive employer wellness programs
  18. Twenty (20) new or expanded taxes.
It's not good enough to just repeal 7 out of the law's 419 sections as Congress is now planning to do.  Tell Congress to use budget reconciliation to fully repeal Obamacare. Tell them to do it now.
Working with you for full repeal,
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder
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