State IRB Documents Reveal Research on Baby DNA Without Consent

MDH Responds to CCHF Data Request on Current Storage of Newborn DNA (2015)

MN Retention of Newborn DNA Without Consent

NOTE: Baby DNA collected prior to August 1, 2014 and stored without parent consent has or is being destroyed due to November 16, 2011 MN Supreme Court ruling.

HOWEVER, state storage and use of Baby DNA by the MN Department of Health began again on August 1, 2014 due to repeal of parent consent by Democrat-controlled legislature in 2014 despite opposition from CCHF and the ACLU.

Parents have choices: Parents may opt out of storage using official state "Directive to Destory" form, may refuse newborn screening altogether by opting out, or may choose private newborn screening to avoid state government collection, storage and use for genetic and other research. SEE web page for forms, 10-point overview and parent options.

STATISTICS - Objections, Numbers, Dates, and Mayo/MDH Research on Baby DNA w/o Consent (2008)

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