Because Minnesotans don't realize that State legislators are preparing to give Federal officials sole control over identification, driving, purchasing, transportation and movement. This control is called REAL ID. 

Seven Facts:

•                FALSE THREATS - By threatening Minnesotans with "you won't be able to fly," the federal government is trying to force MN legislators to do what the federal government cannot do: commandeer the state to implement and fund a federal law. For example, the Supreme Court ruled Obama’s attempt to force states to expand Medicaid under Obamacare was commandeering and thus unconstitutional. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is using scare tactics to get YOU to force your legislators to willingly implement and fund REAL ID for the federal government.

•                REAL ID IS A NATIONAL ID CARD - There are 100 federal requirements for REAL ID. If a state agrees to adopt REAL ID, they must adopt all the requirements. The only thing the federal government will not control is the actual issuing of the ID. This deceptive tactic is how Minnesotans will be convinced that the new ID card is not a national/federal ID when it really is.

•                YOUR RIGHT TO DRIVE, MOVE AND BUY AT RISK - If MN accepts REAL ID, the federal government could seize control of your ability to purchase, use any mode of transportation and access to medical care (no card; no care). By law, the Secretary of Homeland Security can expand the purposes for which the card is required, without further authorization from Congress. DHS can also require that a non-compliant drivers' license be used only for driving (as has happened in other states). So....you could drive to the wine shop or the gun shop with your state drivers' license, but you'd need a federal REAL ID to buy anything!

•                YOU CAN STILL FLY - Minnesotans do not need REAL ID to fly - DHS acknowledges that a Minnesota Enhanced Drivers' License (EDL) or U.S. Passport will suffice for flying. As further evidence, Illinois residents were told they could still fly but they'd need extra security checks (Chicago Tribune). DHS documents at MN legislative hearings also say people can still fly without REAL ID. They just need other allowed documents, like the MN EDL.

•                WHAT'S NOT BEING TALKED ABOUT PUBLICLY: In our conversations with legislators, we have heard fears about three things: losing elections, illegal immigrants getting a drivers' license if a dual-track for drivers' licenses is authorized, and being profiled and tracked by the federal government. NOTE: REAL ID requires a federal data "hub" as a backbone and state-to-state data exchange, with your data accessible to all 49 other states and federal officials.

•                UNFUNDED MANDATE - When REAL ID passed in 2005, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated $100 million as the total cost for state implementation. The National Conference of State Legislators now estimates a cost of $11 billion - an 11,000 percent increase! Illinois alone estimates a cost of $50-$60 million.

•                ONLY ONE CHOICE FOR FREEDOM - To avoid a national ID, federal controls, federal commandeering of the state, illegal immigrants getting licenses to drive, and millions of dollars in state taxpayer spending to implement a federal law -- and to retain individual freedom, MN legislators must just say no -- don't pass the bill -- and ignore the threats. This is exactly what the GOP and DFL did unanimously in 2009 (except for one vote) when they passed the bill to prohibit REAL ID in MN.

REAL ID Act Text

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