If REAL ID becomes law, there is no such thing as a "non-compliant," non-REAL ID license or ID card, regardless of whether it's a single-track or a dual-track licensing system.

As DFL Senator Scott Dibble, author of the Senate version of the so-called two tier (compliant and non-compliant driver's licenses) REAL ID bill (S.F. 3589) testified in the Senate Finance Committee on May 11, 2016:

“I use the term acceptable for federal purposes of identification rather than compliant or not compliant because both the license that we might issue – — by way of background, we propose to do what we call a two-tier license system so we would issue a driver’s license or an ID that you could use to board a federally-regulated aircraft, or if people so choose for whatever reason they have, they could opt for a Minnesota license or ID that’s not, that doesn’t meet those standards, that’s not available for those purposes. 

"So that’s what we would call the not acceptable for federal purposes or the non-compliant license or ID. 

"BUT BOTH OF THESE WOULD BE COMPLIANT because the federal law talks about both of those kinds of cards and so we use the term ‘acceptable for federal identification.’”

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