MN Senate Passes "National ID" Bill - 12 Republicans Vote "Yes"


The Minnesota Senate voted today on the REAL ID bill (S.F. 3589) passing it 48 - 16 with 12 Republicans voting "yes."

Senator Warren Limmer (R) called it a "National ID Card."

Senator Jim Abeler (R) called the federal REAL ID Act "a horrible law" and said Minnesota should continue to fight it.

Senator Mary Kiffmayer (R) tried unsuccessfully to amend it so there would be more places for Minnesotans to get an Enhanced Driver's License instead of a REAL ID-compliant license.

Senator Dave Brown (R) stood up to reiterate the right of States to refuse this unconstitutional federal encroachment.

Senator Scott Dibble (D), the bill author, agreed, "We're not mandated to come into compliance with REAL ID."

THE VOTE - 48 - 16:

YES - 48
Bakk, Bonoff, Carlson, Clausen, Cohen, Dahle, Dibble, Dziedzic, Eaton, Eken, Franzen, Goodwin, Hawj, Hayden, Hoffman, Jensen, Kent, Koenen, Latz, Lourey, Marty, Pappas, Reinert, Rest, Saxhaug, Scalze, Schmit, Sheran, Sieben, Skoe, Sparks, Stumpf, Tomassoni, Torres Ray, Wiger, Wiklund

Dahms, Fischbach, Housley, Miller, Nelson, Newman, Ortman, Pratt, Rosen, Ruud, Senjem, Weber

NO - 16
Abeler, Anderson, Benson, Brown, Chamberlain, Gazelka, Hall, Hann, Ingebrigtsen, Kiffmeyer, Limmer, Nienow, Osmek, Pederson, Thompson, Westrom

Absent/Abstain - 3
Champion (D), Johnson (D), Metzen (D)

NEXT STEPS: Send a message to your Senator about his or her vote. We expect the MN House to vote on their version of the unconstitutional REAL ID bill early next week, but things are very fluid right now so it could be any day. Contact your Minnesota state Representative and ask him or her to vote "NO" on REAL ID (H.F. 3959)

It's up to Republicans in the House to stop REAL ID!

Please let them know!

Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder