Great News! The MN legislative session is done (Yeah!) and the REAL ID bill failed (Yeah!). While we never wanted it to get this far, at least it isn't law. Just in: The Examiner quotes CCHF today on this issue.

(See sample thank you letter to legislators below)

Your calls and emails to state legislators made a real impact.

However, in a way I've never seen in 21 previous legislative sessions, the lies never stopped. The political will to pass the unconstitutional REAL ID was relentless. And despite various federal documents we produced and irrefutable testimony we gave proving otherwise, key legislators continued to publicly claim you can't fly without REAL ID after January 21, 2018.

IMPASSE! On Sundary, prior to what turned out to be the last conference committee, Speaker Daudt's legislative assistant Isaac Shultz (see photo) talked with GOP Rep. Dennis Smith (red tie). Mr. Shultz stayed to watch the House refuse the Senate language and the Senate say it would "absolutely" not agree to the House language that gave state legislators final say over REAL ID rules written by the administration. That was it. The bill died.

Thank your Senator and Representative. Thank them for anything they did to stop REAL ID - a vote, conversation, amendment, or standing up to leadership. We understand it can be very difficult to stand alone for the republican values of state sovereignty, small government and freedom. 

Tell them how pleased you are that you won't get a national ID card; a card that could become a national PATIENT ID card. Take time now to say thank you and to inform those who falsely still believe the "You can't fly" lie. Tell them now before a special session, or the Jan 3, 2017 session, starts.

Sample Email to Legislators: (Please modify or add a statement to personalize your message)  Click to find your legislator's contact info.


Dear Representative/Senator, [INSERT THE NAME]

I'm so pleased that REAL ID did not pass. This means Minnesota law continues to prohibit a national ID card. Thank you!

It's good to know that the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security will not be able to issue a list of official federal purposes and required uses of my state-issued driver's license.

As a result of this REAL ID debate, I discovered much of what I heard from the news media was wrong.

Did you know we don't need REAL ID to fly (Check out this Homeland Security document)? Did you know Homeland Security is on its 4th bluff in trying to tell us we can't fly by a certain date without REAL ID? It's a bluff because they can't force states to implement a federal law. Did you know that least 7 other states have laws prohibiting REAL ID and many more states haven't bothered to comply? Did you know the Homeland Security privacy office says REAL ID is voluntary for states? It's not mandatory because the Tenth Amendment protects States from federal commandeering. This is all good news.

So thank you. According to Homeland Security and the TSA, I may need a passport, or an enhanced MN drivers' license, or enhanced TSA screening but at least I won't be forced to use a driver's license that's under federal control and could be used to limit my freedom.

Surrendering my constitutional rights, privacy, and personal freedom is not acceptable. Thank you for keeping REAL ID out of Minnesota.

YOUR Name/Address


And thank you to YOU for everything you did to protect freedom and state's rights. Matt Flanders and I and the entire staff at CCHF thank you for working with us to keep legislator's feet to the fire as we put hours of time and research into stopping this National ID card in Minnesota.

For freedom,

Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder

P.S. Donations to our work and freedom's cause alway appreciated!