Idaho Governor Goes Big-Against Obamacare

February 21, 2018

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Kudos to Idaho Governor “Butch” Otter! He’s doing what CCHF has been asking states to do. He’s opening up Idaho’s insurance market to policies NOT compliant with the ACA. He’s not waiting for Congress to repeal the ACA prohibition against catastrophic coverage.
You can help! See action items below.
His “Restoring Choice in Health Insurance for Idahoans” EO includes these statements:
  • I have always opposed the overreaching, intrusive nature of Obamacare and its infringement on Idahoans’ freedoms and the traditional prerogatives of the State on healthcare and insurance issues;
  • Obamacare provisions and subsequent rules make healthcare coverage more costly…
  • The Trump Administration showed its support for State-based solutions by issuing an Executive Order encouraging State flexibility and control…
  • Congress and the Trump Administration recently repealed the individual mandate penalty, allowing citizens to purchase plans without being penalized if those plans do not meet all the PPACA criteria…
  • The State of Idaho will continue to work with federal authorities . . .while retaining its power authority under the Tenth Amendment…
Otter ordered his Department of Insurance to seek insurance options at lower costs; to “approve options that follow all State-based requirements, even if not all PPACA requirements are met, so long as the carrier offering the option also offers an exchange-certified alternative in Idaho;” and to seek a waiver from HHS “if the Director believes it is appropriate or necessary.” Thus, no request for federal permission is required.
Blue Cross has already offered five new “Freedom Blue” plans. Unhappy ACA advocates suggest future lawsuits.
Otter should not blink. His executive order is constitutionally sound. Now, the other 49 states should follow suit. That’s where YOU come in:
  • Contact your Governor and tell him/her to the same (include news link).
  • Contact your state legislators and tell them to ask your Governor to do the same, or pass a similar state law (include news link).
  • Ask President Trump not to oppose Otter’s EO. By tweet (@realDonaldTrump) or by email.
  • Thank Governor Otter. Let him hear support from everywhere:
ADDRESS: Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, Office of the Governor, State Capitol Bldg., West Wing, 2nd Fl., P.O. Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720
[NOTE: if you use the following words, add a personal comment at the beginning or the end so he knows there’s a real person behind the letter! And if you wish, cc our office:]
Dear Governor Otter, Thank you for standing up against the Affordable Care Act and as an example for the rest of the country. Thank you for doing all you can to restore freedom, individual choice and affordability of health insurance.  [Your name, Your city and state]

Actively working for freedom,
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder