COMMENT TODAY - Trump Admin. Proposal for Affordable Coverage

DEADLINE: Monday, April 23 - 5:00 p.m. EST

Please take just 5 minutes to comment on the Trump administration’s proposed rule to restore an affordable health insurance option. Obamacare supporters are taking the opportunity to lambast it. They are saying “no.” We’re asking you to say “yes.” 

Give the Trump administration the support they need to restore affordability to those who need it. 

The proposal is called Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance. These policies were not supposed to be affected by the Affordable Care Act, but the Obama administration shortened them to just 3 months to try to get more people in the ACA exchanges where premiums were/are sky-high. Now the Trump administration wants to expand these affordable policies to 12 months or longer. 

To comment before the deadline, go follow these instructions. 

Instructions to Comment:

1) Either go to the docket (see below) where you can read the proposed rule and public comments and CLICK the navy blue “Comment Now” button…OR...Go direct to
2) Write a quick comment (SAMPLE: "Yes, I want affordable health insurance as an option. Extend the length of short-term, limited-duration policies to 12 months or longer.”)
NOTE: if you don’t want your comment dismissed as a “form letter," write a personal sentence at the start or finish of the sample above.

Comment before 5:00 p.m. EDT time on Monday April 23. 


Rule Info:

Proposed Rule:

The Docket (all documents/comments):

To Comment: click on “Comment Now” (navy blue button) OR go to

See the comment that CCHF submitted: Public Comments on CMS-9924-P


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