MN Legislature to Vote TOMORROW on Big Business
Amendment that Permits Virtually Unfettered Access
to Your Private Medical Records / Genetic Data



This is urgent.

As a result of CCHF's efforts and the concerns of several legislators, the bill that would have stripped you of all your medical privacy and patient consent rights (HF 3312) was stopped, but...

A last-ditch attempt to get it passed will be made TOMORROW MORNING (Thursday, May 10)—by amendment, on the floor of the House This would put your private data in the hands of industry, analysts, researchers and others that want it.

On the House website, the amendment to SF3019 is listed as coming from Rep. Nick Zerwas (R-Elk River), but it's possible that someone else could offer it.

As a reminder:

  • Minnesota has the strongest medical privacy law in the nation.
  • The amendment would overturn (END) the MN privacy law.
  • It would make the federal HIPAA rule the standard in MN.
  • But, HIPAA does NOT protect privacy or consent rights.
  • HIPAA is a permissive rule that allows your private medical and genetic data to be shared without your consent.
  • MN law requires consent for payment, treatment, "health care operations" (a very broad term), research and more.
  • If the amendment is added to the bill, and the bill passes as expected, your consent will no longer be required.
  • Everyone who sees your medical and genetic data as a source of profit and a source of controlling your doctor will get your data.
  • Your data can be made available online through the State Health Information Exchange without consent.
  • The ownership rights you have today under MN law will be GONE.

It's now or never!

Please pick up the phone and call FIVE PEOPLE, including your MN state representative, whether Republican or Democrat. The Republican members of the House are expected to meet tomorrow morning to discuss whether they will vote for or against the medical records amendment to be offered on Senate File 3019. The Democrats will likely do the same.

The bill up for a vote in the House: SF 3019


http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/cco/amend.asp?code=A18-0890&ls_year=90&session_number=0&session_year=2018 - the referenced Code of Federal Regulations, "title 45, part 164, subpart E" IS HIPAA 

It's now up to YOU. 

ACTION ITEM: Call five people AND email them. DO NOT JUST EMAIL THEM. You must also CALL. The House comes in to begin voting on bills at 10:00 AM TOMORROW, Thursday, May 10. The bill is scheduled toward the end of the day, but could be voted on at any time. Burn the phone lines today and tonight and tomorrow:

1. Your State Representative (find their contact information here)

2. House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R - Crown) 
651-296-5364 | rep.kurt.daudt@house.mn

3. House Majority Leader Joyce Peppin (R - Rogers)
651-296-7806 | rep.joyce.peppin@house.mn

4. Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R - Nisswa)
651-296-4875 | sen.paul.gazelka@senate.mn

5. Senate President Michelle Fischbach (R - Paynesville)
651-296-2084 | sen.michele.fischbach@senate.mn

Thank you in advance for helping us protect your MN patient-consent rights,

Twila Brase
President and Cofounder