UNVEILED Dangerous Plan to Control Your Doctor

July 25, 2018

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Who should make medical decisions?  Big business, big government or your doctor?  A new plan to put corporaations and government agencies in charge was unveiled last week.
Imagine paying your plumber this way. 
It will be a “bundled payment,” according to the “value” of the care, as determined by outside analysis of patient data and interpretations of that data (far from the bedside)—and only after the fact. The Obama administration planned for 50% of all Medicare payments to be value-based by the end of 2018. 
Kathleen Sebelius (Obama administration) and Tommy Thompson (G.W. Bush administration; later Chairman of Deloitte’s global healthcare practice) say these anti-trust laws are a hindrance to value-based payment. They write, “hospitals are reluctant to support or reward doctors for following best practices and protocols designed to improve outcomes because it could be viewed as an inducement” under the anti-kickback laws. 
Don’t be snookered. These are not “best practices” or “protocols designed to improve outcomes.” This is a command and control initiative to increase hospital and health plan profits through a corporate takeover of the practice of medicine. 
Doctors will be paid for compliance.
The Trump administration is currently supporting value-based agenda but not as stringently, meaning less controls on and less reporting by doctors. So big business and big government may be worried. About one-third of physicians are now hospital employees because they couldn’t survive under oppressive ACA regulations and the unaffordable EHR mandate. Now these hospitals want Congress to give them the power to tell employed doctors how to practice medicine on you. Expect your care to be delayed and/or rationed if this happens. 
The net is tightening.This is why we started The Wedge of Health Freedom. We want doctors and patients to go free. We want to build the free market for medicine based on medical ethics and freedom, competition and affordable prices. It’s more than possible. Physicians have the power. The entire system still revolves around them. Tell your doctor it’s time to break free.
Breaking free together,
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder
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