CCHF Collecting a SECOND Batch of Petitions to President Trump!
The new Congress wants to enact single-payer, Medicare for All or “Medicare for 55-64.” These socialized medicine programs will be used to ration, restrict and limit treatments for Americans. 
But, thanks to your support, CCHF is actively working to thwart these single-payer efforts. We’re focused on restoring health freedom to all Americans, who are essentially forced into single-payer Medicare at age 65.
On November 7, 2018, CCHF sent a letter to President Trump, co-signed by 37 other organizations — a total of 40 signers
We petitioned President Trump to allow senior citizens to voluntarily opt-out of Medicare without losing their Social Security benefits and without paying back all the Medicare and SS benefits that they’ve received so far. 
This restriction on American's freedom and choice — and this payment requirement -- were imposed by previous administrations, not Congress, so it can be simply undone by President Trump and his administration. But we must reach him and convince the administration this is the right thing to do. And it most certainly is!
We’re actively engaged to restore the freedom to opt out. We’re working to get additional signers to the letter, and from December 10-13, Matt Flanders, CCHF’s state legislative and policy director, and I were in Washington, D.C. talking to Trump officials about this initiative to free seniors and protect all Americans from single-payer health care. These meetings led to more meetings and additional contacts to pursue, which we’re doing. Then on December 13, we delivered our first batch of citizen petitions to the White House (see photo above). That was a start, but it was only a start. 
Now we need you! 
We’re issuing a call to collect a second batch of petitions—from freedom-minded Americans who haven’t yet signed. Please sign this petition if you haven’t yet done so—and share this petition with your friends, co-workers, and family. Ask them to sign too.
DEADLINE: Our “second-batch petition deadline” is February 28!
Freedom is our goal. CCHF is working to restore health care freedom to senior citizens and with it, freedom to all Americans—the freedom to keep a private health insurance policy for a lifetime; the freedom to never depend on the federal government for coverage and care; the freedom from single-payer and government rationing.
Rationing is the future of Medicare. Medicare is expected to be bankrupt in 2026 — seven years from now. If the end is delayed, it’s because the government has permitted additional rationing of care. Recently, the federal government gave health plans the right to limit certain drugs in the Medicare Advantage (HMO) program. This too is only the beginning of enhancing restrictions.
Americans need an escape hatch from Medicare’s rationing strategies — and a protective hedge against Medicare for All. Imagine a lifetime under an indemnity insurance policy that sets payments but never interferes in the treatment decisions of you and your doctor. That’s our goal!
Please do it today!
Advancing freedom for all,
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder

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