Let MNCare Provider Tax Expire - THREE PIE CHARTS

The 2% MinnesotaCare provider tax ("sick tax") on all medical services provided in Minnesota is due to sunset on December 31, 2019 (the result of 2011 negotiations with then DFL Governor Mark Dayton and Republicans).

Republicans want the tax to expire as scheduled. Democrats want to repeal the expiration and continue to tax the sick.

To encourage the Minnesota state legislature to let the "sick tax" expire, CCHF created THREE DIAGRAMS and a ONE-PAGE OVERVIEW to show how the tax has created a slush fund, with little of the money going to the MNCare program.

The tax was created in solely for funding the MNCare program at that time called HealthRight, as the 1992 statute notes.

In fact, the MNCare program is funded primarily (89%) by the federal government.

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