Sample Letter - Medicare For All is a Bad Idea

Act Now!

Write a letter to the editor and help protect our health freedom!  Sen. Bernie Sanders and others want to endanger the doctor-patient relationship and diminish the quality of care we receive in the exam room.  Will you help us stop it?


Medicare for All is a bad idea. First, it will not be the Medicare program senior citizens have today, which has given back in care two to five times more than they paid into it. Second, this program will eliminate employer-sponsored insurance. You’ll be forced into a government program. Third, it will prohibit the sale of insurance that covers any services Medicare for All covers, even if necessary care has been deemed “not medically necessary” and your access denied. Fourth, it will be illegal to pay doctors cash for a denied service covered by Medicare. You could appeal, but imagine being sick and pleading your case to a bunch of bureaucrats tasked with limiting health care spending.

Although fans of Medicare for All claim it will save money, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders admits it will cost taxpayers $30 to $40 trillion over 10 years. That may be the least of our worries. Socialized systems regularly cause patients pain and suffering, and sometimes death or loss of bodily functions. For example, Canada has experienced a “brain drain” as physicians leave the country. Patients in England and Canada wait years for surgery. Danish men with prostate cancer have far shorter five-year survival rates (91.9% in US, 38.4% in Denmark). 

Single-payer systems put government in control of medical care dollars and decisions. Medicare for All may cover every American, but what good is coverage if you can’t get care, get the right care, or get care in time to save your life?