Take Action -- Stop the creation of a Unique Patient Identifier!


NO Patient ID” Day

On Tuesday, September 24, there was a nationwide industry push to eliminate a longstanding prohibition on a National Patient ID. 

Dubbed “Patient ID Day,” they are calling on their members to call Congress and ask the Senate and House to impose a national patient identifier (tracking number) on the American people, called a Unique Patient Identifier (UPI). 

We need you to be a counterforce, placing calls to Congress tomorrow saying there should be NO national patient ID.

The UPI would combine all of your private information, creating a master key that would open the door to every American’s medical, financial and other private data. Each American would be issued a single number for all their medical records.

House vs Senate: The U.S. House has passed language to repeal the 20-year prohibition. However, the U.S. Senate’s recently proposed Labor-HHS fiscal 2020 budget keeps the prohibition! 

TAKE ACTION: We need YOU to contact your members of Congress, and tell them to OPPOSE the funding and development of a National Patient ID, officially called a Unique Patient ID (UPI). If you are active on social media, use the hashtag #StopPatientID


5 Reasons to Oppose a National Patient ID

1.  Singular Patient Data Treasure Trove  A UPI would link every piece of data in every medical record of every patient into one longitudinal digital dossier.

2.  No Consent Needed  Thanks to the HIPAA data-sharing rule, over 2.2 million entities could have access to this information according to the federal government without your consent.

3.  Out of Scope – This information could be used for rationing care, predictive analytics and a vast array of other uses without patient consent.

4.  Security Concerns – This single ID number creates a one-stop shop for outside entities, including potential hackers and cybersecurity breaches.

5.  No Card, No Care – This federally-issued ID card would also become mandatory for patient access to care. 


Click here to find your Members of Congress and their contact information.

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