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A new federal regulation aims to do good -- allowing Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) to be used to pay for Direct Primary Care and Health Sharing Ministries -- however, it could restrict patient access to private doctors and health care sharing, which are affordable models of free-market medicine in America.

DEADLINE: Monday, August 10.

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I oppose the proposed rule, which would classify both Health Sharing Ministries and Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinics as insurance.

Health Sharing Ministries and DPC are not insurance. Classifying them as such may give state insurance regulators, who often oppose such free-market options, a reason to regulate them as insurance, burdening these clinics and ministries with government regulations and reporting requirements.

Direct Primary Care is a free market option that allows a patient to contract directly with their doctor for access to a mutually agreed upon list of services. This is not a third-party insurance arrangement. DPC contracts eliminate the need for insurance, as this is a private contract between the patient and doctor. The patient pays the doctor directly. Health Sharing Ministries are voluntary cooperatives between individuals without the underwriting or risk adjustment mechanisms of insurance. Members of health sharing ministries simply agree to share each other's medical costs.

If DPC and Health Sharing Ministries are regulated as insurance, many DPC clinics and Health Sharing Ministries would likely be forced to close their doors, leaving me without affordable, patient-centric, free-market options.

Please do not classify DPC clinics or health care sharing as insurance.