Stop "Surprise" Attempt to Nationalize Medical Billing Procedures

The “No Surprises Act” (which is may end up in a coronavirus/omnibus bill) is an attack on freedom, patients, and the constitutional right to privately contract. This  “insurer protection bill will lead to reduced supply and quality of care. Thankfully, the legislation, announced as a bipartisan bill, has not yet been approved by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Bad surprises:
  • Price controls and government rate-setting for all medical bills and payments.
  • More red tape for patients and doctors working together out-of-network
  • Insurers (health plans) and government will have more control over patient care
  • Creates a new federal (national) database of medical claims, violating privacy rights.
  • May prevent patients and doctors from working together in third-party-free, direct-pay relationships
This bill puts Congress in charge of medical bills and would set nationwide policy for resolving medical billing disputes (advanced nationalized health care). It could also shut down Direct Primary Care practice, and the CCHF Wedge of Health Freedom, a list of independent, direct pay doctors who work for YOU, not government or insurance. Vague language seems to require doctors to bill insurance if a patient has insurance — even if the patient wants to pay cash! 

Call your Senators and House Member ASAP: #202-224-3121. Tell them to reject the “no surprises” bill and its price controls in medical care. Also contact Senator Mitch McConnell’s office at #202-224-2541 or use his contact form.  To find who represents you and their contact information: