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Dear Governor __________,

I am requesting that you ban vaccination passports. On March 12, the Biden administration announced that they would be releasing guidance on implementing a vaccine passport system nationwide. These passports infringe on my rights to freely engage in daily life. They are also intrusive, violating my constitutional rights, patient rights and privacy rights. 

Leaders in 18 states have introduced legislation or issued executive orders banning vaccine passports. These include Arizona, Arkansas, California, Iowa, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Governor Abbot in Texas and Governor DeSantis in Florida have already issued executive orders to ban the use of vaccination passports and the limits imposed on those who choose not to take the experimental biologic for personal or medical reasons (nearly 50 percent of health care workers have refused).

As free citizens, we have the right to choose what medical care and treatments we wish to receive. We also have the right to move and engage freely in public life without being forced by government, or their private-sector collaborators, to be vaccinated. As governor, you have a civic duty to protect your constituents’ rights. Banning vaccine passports would do just that.

Please use your executive power to protect me and every other citizen in this state from this aggressive federal assault on my human rights and constitutional freedoms. Thank you for your consideration of my request for a statewide ban on vaccination passports.





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