CCHF Launches “DON’T BE BULLIED” Billboard Campaign


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Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom Launches “DON’T BE BULLIED” Billboard Campaign To Raise Awareness And Build Resistance To Vaccination Mandates 

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom has launched an ambitious billboard campaign with the intent of raising awareness and building resistance to the vaccination mandates that are currently being used as an effort to coerce Americans into submitting to the “jab”. These mandates are being imposed with little to no consideration for other treatment options, including prophylaxis and early treatment with Ivermectin. The campaign has also been launched to support those who are being bullied for exercising their informed choice not to take the Covid-19 vaccine. 

The billboard campaign, which is titled “Don’t Be Bullied”, is fast gaining traction, with physical presences established in Minnesota, Idaho, several in Wisconsin, as well as several more due to appear in Texas by the end of the month. 

One of the main focuses of the campaign is centered around the “reset” that is currently occurring between the United States government and its citizens. Twila Brase, President and Co-Founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, elaborated in her “Health Freedom Minute” that the vaccination mandates and the associated bullying of those who choose not to get the shot is “...a power grab in the name of public health”. 

Bullying is taking place despite the fact that people who have gotten the shot are still getting sick. According to the CDC, there have been well over 6,700 deaths reported to VAERS after vaccination, while the independently-created OpenVAERS lists the number of deaths at around 13,608. 

As employer and college vaccination mandates soar, CCHF’s billboard campaign advocates for the right of the individual to make an informed choice. It also calls upon Americans to utilize some of the online resources available to stay informed, such as “”, which shares information on early treatment and currently shows over half a million cases of adverse events occurring post-vaccinePlease visit “” to take a look at these billboards. 


About Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom: 

CCHF maintains a patient-centered, privacy-focused, free-market perspective. CCHF has worked in its home state of Minnesota and at the national level for more than 20 years to protect health care choices, individualized patient care, and medical and genetic privacy rights. CCHF airs the “Health Freedom Minute” on more than 850 radio stations each weekday. In 2016, CCHF launched The Wedge of Health Freedom, an online directory of direct-pay practices ( In 2018, CCHF published “Big Brother in the Exam Room: The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Health Records.”


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