Citizens' Council on Health Care calls on the Food and Restaurant Industry to have SUBWAY Cease their Attack Ads

Minneapolis---Today the Citizens' Council on Health Care issued a warning to the U.S. public on what it considers to be a misleading and detrimental advertising campaign currently being run by SUBWAY restaurants.

SUBWAY pitch-man Jared Fogle, who lost significant weight at least in part due to eating moderate portions at SUBWAY restaurants, is waging an attack against another member of the restaurant industry - the very industry that helped him lose weight. In television ads, Jared Fogle claims that eating SUBWAY sandwiches is healthier than eating McDonald's burgers.

"Our major concern is that SUBWAY is paving the way for government regulators and trial lawyers to attack the entire food industry," said Twila Brase, R.N. and President of the Citizens' Council on Health Care (CCHC).

She continued, "While I firmly believe that all types of food can fit into a healthy lifestyle, including SUBWAY products, the truth is that many SUBWAY menu items are not as low in calories, fat and sodium as the advertisements would lead the public to believe. Jared Fogle and SUBWAY are trying to convince the U.S. public that SUBWAY is the public's best fast-food option for healthy eating, when in fact, like most restaurants, SUBWAY has high-calorie and low-calorie menu options."

"The SUBWAY ad campaign is short-sighted. In an effort to reduce health care costs, legislators and regulators are already looking for ways to control eating behaviors. If members of the food industry attack each other, public health regulators will find it easier to begin limiting the public's food choices," said Ms. Brase.

CCHC is calling on the food and restaurant industry leadership to appeal to SUBWAY to request that they discontinue the attack on other companies in the food industry before government gives Americans a "No Sandwich Left Behind" regulatory regime.

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