Links to the MinnesotaCare Comprehensive Insurance Reform Laws

MinnesotaCare laws have changed in every legislative session since 1992, making them especially difficult to track and assess. MinnesotaCare language is included in more than 15 chapters of the state statutes. Some of these chapters are listed below. Payment for reform and redesign is secured through the MinnesotaCare provider tax.

Pending Legislation
Current Rules
Laws Passed In Any Given Year
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Some of the more controversial provisions of MinnesotaCare include:

Program Administration;
Premiums & Payments;
Contracts w/ Managed Care Entities;
State & County Costs;
Provider Tax Requirements,
Gross Revenues Tax on health care professionals and facilities,
Risk Adjustment System;
Expanded Provider Networks;
Antitrust Exemptions - before repeal allowed mergers of health plans/clinics;
Essential Community Providers.

The MinnesotaCare provider tax alone has resulted in the creation of an entirely new division at the state Department of Revenue.

The MinnesotaCare provider tax (gross revenues tax) law.

U.S. House and Senate Legislation