Excellence of Care Comes Through

St. Paul - To show the excellence of care in Minnesota hospitals and surgical centers, Citizens' Council on Health Care has produced a 2-page chart highlighting the statistics given in today's release of the Minnesota Department of Health's report: "Adverse Health Events in Minnesota."

"All too often, these types of reports are used to spread fear in the public, and drive policy makers to build ever larger, more expensive, and more intrusive reporting systems," said Twila Brase, president of CCHC.

Brase points out that there is insufficient evidence in the 80-page report to prove that the 12 reported deaths were fully the fault of the hospital, or that they were actually preventable. In addition, it's unclear how serious the "serious disabilities" really are. The disability must be present more than 7 days and/or at the time of discharge, to be classified "serious."

"The term 'serious disability' is misleading at best. Patients could be completely fine an hour after they leave the hospital," she said.

Finally, Brase notes that 85 of the 106 reported events in the midst of 632,585 surgeries, and 2.2 million "patient days" at 47 hospitals caused neither death or serious disability.

"One wonders if all the time, energy, and money spent on filing reports to the government, wouldn't be better spent on actual care of patients," Brase concluded.

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