Private Newborn Screening Options

Because newborn genetic testing can lead to the early diagnosis and treatment of rare newborn genetic diseases, most parents will want to have their child tested. For parents who do not wish to allow state government to collect and screen their newborn's blood for these genetic disorders and traits, there are private newborn screening options for parents willing to pay privately.

NOTE: Parents are advised to read the information and their contract with the laboratory to determine it the organization doing the test also intends to store and use the child's DNA or to sell or share it with federal agencies or the state government in which the child resides. If there is no contract, a call to the laboratory and a fax or email assurance may be warranted.

All the following, except PerkinElmer do only supplemental screening. For comprehensive screening, contact PerkinElmer.

Mayo Medical Laboratories (800-533-1710) - supplemental screening only

StepOne® Comprehensive Biochemical Profile - PerkinElmer Genetics (866-354-2910) - USE THIS ONE FOR COMPREHENSIVE SCREEN

NeoGen Labs (+91-80-2580-5600 - INDIA)



Updated: May 2022