CCHF Letter to Gov. Pawlenty Opposing Government-Issued Treatment Protocols

May 25, 2005

Governor Tim Pawlenty
Office of the Governor
130 Capitol
St. Paul, MN 55155

Dear Governor Pawlenty,

In addition to the stack of petitions we delivered to you last year on the "best practices" legislation (now the "evidence-based health care guidelines" legislation - HF 1422), we are today delivering an additional stack of petitions opposing the legislation (another 850 or so). This is the second year in a row our organization has delivered petitions to your office. They are signed by concerned citizens from all around the state.

After our delivery in May 2004, citizen petitions continued to arrive at our office. We include these because we believe they were not part of the petitions you received last year. And like those delivered last year, we have placed them in a red binder.

Therefore, we are delivering petitions opposing the 2004 "best practices" legislation (M.S. 62J.43), and petitions that oppose making the "best practices" legislation permanent law by stripping out the 2006 expiration date.

The public does not want government telling their doctors how to practice medicine - or imposing reporting requirements and financial penalties that will make it increasingly difficult for doctors to practice in their patient's best interest.

CCHC is a free-market health care policy organization. As such, let me take this opportunity to say that free-markets require small governments. Free-market health care is free of government-imposed treatment mandates, government surveillance of treatment decisions, and government intrusion in medical records. Free-market health care means patients, both private and public, hold dollars in their own hands and make their own decisions about treatment, payment, and whom they will or will not trust to treat or insure them.

Adopting the Kiscaden "evidence-based medicine" amendment in the final HHS omnibus bill-expanding government authority in medical decision-making-will make it more difficult for free-market medicine to ever take hold in Minnesota.

We sincerely hope that you will keep the concerns of all these citizens in mind as you consider final language for House File 1422, the HHS omnibus finance bill. Thank you.


Twila Brase RN

House Speaker Steve Sviggum
Majority Leader Sen. Dean Johnson
Members of the Minnesota House
Members of the Minnesota Senate