Protecting Your Child's Medical Confidentiality in School

  1. Do not disclose social security numbers to any school official, including the school nurse. The 1974 Federal Privacy Act forbids them from asking for it,but few know or follow the law. Do not put the SSN on checks, say it over monitored phone lines, or carry it on your person.
  2. Do not give health insurance information to schools and to not release school records to health plans or insurers.
  3. Place a written statement in school health record forbidding outside access.
  4. Review all state assessment and achievement tests before they are given to your child.
  5. Teach children how, or whether, to respond to all assessment test questions, and what to do if told to submit to an intimate physical examination.
  6. Think carefully before signing up for any smart card. (See Health Passport Program)
  7. Check your local immunization registry to see if your child is listed. If so, take steps to remove name and information.
  8. Disregard intrusive clinic surveys and questionnaires. Open all mail sent to your children from health plans, state agencies, research institutes, and schools and check for questionnaires.
  9. Talk to your legislators and members of Congress about unconsented access to medical records.
  10. Stay informed. Get involved.