Minnesota Medical Records Become Government Property

CCHC Asks Administrative Law Judge to Strike Provisions in MN Health Department's Proposed "Quality Reporting" Rule - October 7, 2009

MN Health Plans Begin Sending Private Medical Records to State's Data Warehouse in Maine - June 25, 2009

CCHC Report and Photos from 4/2/09 Public Meeting

On March 30, 2009, the Minnesota Department of Health distributed a

press release

calling on the public for input on "system to help consumers make better health care decisions." However, the system being developed will enable the Minnesota Department of Health to pressure physicians into compliance with the government's preferred treatment decisions, as a result of incentives for patients to choose physicians whom garner high government scores. The system is the result of a 2008 health care reform law slipped into the bill at the Department's bidding during last minute negotiations in the Governor's office. There were no public or legislative hearings before the Department's legislation became law. The MDH explains it from their perspective


The 2008 law and the new MDH


(approved June 17, 2009 after a major section was disapproved and deleted) allow government to:


  • maineassign government ownership of the medical data of every patient encounter with a doctor or hospital.
  • send your  private "encounter data" to a data warehouse in Maine.
  • use patient data to track patients and monitor physician treatment decisions.
  • use patient data to "rank" physicians (provider peer groups) and make it more difficult for patient to see the doctor and have the treatment of their choice.
  • hide behind "deidentification" as a rationale to use patient data without consent against physicians and patients.
  • spend almost $5 million in taxpayer dollars in contracts to take and use data without consent. (MHIC & MCM/Exhibits 1-2, Exhibit 3)

2008 Law


Entire Law


Encounter Data & Physician Ranking Law


Quality (compliance) payments