CCHC Testimony on Healthy People 2010

Chicago Regional Meeting
November 6, 1998

To view comments from DHHS website, click here and scan down the page. Twila Brase is the twelfth (12th) commenter. Note: they have incorrectly titled Twila Brase as "Dr." instead of R.N.


Copied from DHHS page:

DR. BRASE: Hi. I am Twila Brase from Citizens Council on Health Care in Minnesota. I would like to say that, while eliminating health disparities is a laudable goal, the drive to data collection by states and federal government is a serious concern that has not received much attention during this conference.
In addition, the average citizen who you would collect data on is not able to attend these meetings, to hear the plans for intrusion into their medical records, and ongoing assessment of their personal lives. They do not even know the federal or state registries exist.
It has been made clear that data brings legislation and funding to states. Nonetheless, an individual's privacy is
paramount to maintaining excellence and timeliness in medical care.
If your goal is improvement of health, the privacy of medical and personal information should be a goal as well.
In addition, I would add that access to health care is a concern and some of the points that could bring greater access to care include decreasing mandates to decrease the cost of health care, returning choice back to patients so they can decide what is necessary for them, moving back to insurance and away from expensive pre-paid health care, which is what managed care is, and disconnecting insurance from employment, through tax incentives. Thank you very much.