Public Comment Request: Obamacare "Essential Health Benefits" Requirement

The Minnesota state government has issued a request for public comments on the Obamacare "essential health benefits" requirement for individual and small group insurance policies.
Note that this list of benefits (health care services), whether you agree or find them objectionable, will be imposed by the allowed by the federal government. 
The Feds are being gentle now, allowing "flexibility" for States to do as they wish, but that is likely temporary. Once the State has acquiesced to the presumption of federal control, expect the Feds to mandate the health care services they want included, and exclude the services they do not.
This provision of Obamacare again demonstrates the unconstitutional imposition of federal power on States beyond the enumerated powers allowed by the U.S. Constitution.
TAKE ACTION:  The deadline for comments has passed.
Read the request here.