(St. Paul, Minnesota) - Citizens' Council on Health Care (CCHC) today released a public response to the March 1st email distributed by Rep. Fran Bradley (R-Rochester) to members of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Rep. Bradley challenged the statements made by CCHC and its president, Twila Brase, in an email position paper distributed by CCHC to members of the Minnesota House of Representatives on February 28, 2004.

The CCHC position paper discussed six concerns regarding the "best practices" initiative in House File 1681, the MN Health Care Cost Containment Act authored by Rep. Bradley.

CCHC, which received a copy of the Bradley email from several sources, has put together a detailed response to the email and sent it to members of the Minnesota House. Both the Feb 28th and today's response will soon be placed on the CCHC web site.

CCHC is releasing its response publicly because:

  1. the Bradley email has been circulated outside the legislature.
  2. the ramification of state-issued medical practice directives has yet to receive a thorough public discussion.
  3. the "best practices" section of House File 1681 (Art. 2) has yet to be allowed to receive public testimony.

Media Contact:

Twila Brase, President and Co-founder
Office: 651-646-8935