The Way Back to Liberty - Event Video

Jonathan Emord joins CCHF President, Twila Brase, and Minnesota Representative Doug Wardlow at CCHF's The Way Back to Liberty event.  The three discuss Obamacare, why a health insurance exchange should be opposed, and how Constitutional governance can be restored to America.


The Way Back to Liberty - November 10, 2011 - Hilton Minneapolis


Jonathan Emord - Constitutional Attorney



"What we have with Obamacare is a disregard of constitutional barriers on power. The right to dissent is gone. The Commerce Clause was...certainly never intended to allow the federal government to force into interstate commerce people who were out of interstate commerce. People who don't have insurance and don't want it aren't in the marketplace. They argue that there are no limits; that the federal government can regulate every aspect of human life because in one way or another that aspect of life will have an economic consequence. ...If this precedence is established that you must do with your own dollars what the taxing and spending power were designated to do with tax dollars -- then why should the federal government tax you at all? That would be nice, but assume what they can do instead: to dictate what every after-tax dollar you have will be spent on; to ensure whatever the government thinks is in your best interest is pursued." - Jonathan Emord



Representative Doug Wardlow (R-Eagan)





Twila Brase - President of CCHF