As Health Records Go Digital, Where They End Up Might Surprise You



National Reports

50-State Health Surveillance Report - a report of state databases tracking birth defects, cancer, newborn screening & vaccinations. Find your state on the map. Report includes actual language laws or regulations from each state.

National Patient ID

Newborn DNA - several reports

The HIPAA Privacy Deception - 13 personal stories from real people

Why Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Should Not be Mandated - a 4-page well-cited document


Minnesota Documents

Why Small Clinics Should Be Exempt from Minnesota Electronic Health Records (EHR) Mandate (2015)

Letters from Clinics to Support Small-Practice Exemption MN‐Only Electronic Health Record Mandate

Minnesota Electronic Disease Surveillance System (MEDSS) - Diagram

Mayo Notice of Privacy Practice - MN Law requirements highlighted

Coercive Consent Forms
NON-Coercive Consent Forms

Unique Patient Identifier

National Patient ID — 2012 CCHF Report

Privacy Violations

ICD-10 - 4 Pages of Concerns


HIPAA - The NO-Privacy Rule
Administrative Simplification - the part of HillaryCare that became law in 1996 and mandates HIPAA
TAKE ACTION: Refuse to Sign HIPAA Privacy Form
ALERT: You can refuse to sign HIPAA "Privacy" Form - link to federal government's website admits you are allowed to refuse
HIPAA: The Grand Deception ONE PAGE INFO & ACTION SHEET - use to educate clinic staff and as authority to refuse to sign HIPAA forms.
Mayo Clinic Privacy Notice showing where Minnesota and Iowa Privacy Laws are stronger than HIPAA - State legislatures are allowed to pass laws which actually protect privacy and limit the permissive access to medical records that has been granted to 2.2 million entities by HIPAA (2006/2003) and the HITECH Act (2009).


CCHF's President Commentary

Your Data Will Be Used Against You - August 29, 2012


Surveys and Polls

California HealthCare Foundation Medical Privacy Survey - Jan. 28, 1999


Privacy Lawsuits

(Part 1) Accretive Health, Inc., v. State of Minnesota - Jan. 19, 2012

(Part 2) Accretive Health, Inc., v. State of Minnesota - Jan. 19, 2012


Government Documents

Letters from Congress to HHS Calling for Halt in EHR/Meaningful Use Incentives (payments) - October 2012

Synthesis of Lessons Learned in the First 5 Years of State and Regional Demonstration Health Information Exchange Projects - March 2011 (AHRQ)

Health Info Tech - HHS Is Taking Steps to Develop a National Strategy, May 2005 (GAO)

Summary and Justification for HIX IT Development

HIX Federal System of Records

HIPAA Privacy Notice - You Are Not Required To Sign

Minnesota Dept. of Health Registries - list of MN state health databases and specimen collections from 2013.


Safety Issues

FDA Testifies to Six Reported Deaths and 44 Reported Injuries due to Health IT - February 25, 2010.

ECRI "Top 10 Health Technology Hazard list" includes 3 Health IT topics, Healthcare IT News, November 6, 2012.

Essentia Medical Consent Form Web Page