Battle Against Obamacare Just Got Easier


April 3, 2013


I have just discovered new information. This is a long post, but it should make the battle against Obamacare easier. What I’ve found reveals just how ‘federal’ and intrusive the Exchanges really are.
First, as a reminder, small businesses (1-49 employees) will be able to shift their workers to Obama’s Exchanges this coming January. Second, in case you’ve missed it, newspapers are claiming that enrolling Medicaid recipients into health plans listed on Obama’s Exchanges gives these individuals “private insurance.” For example, The Wall Street Journal reports:
“Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe, a Democrat, wants U.S. health regulators to let the state use federal dollars intended to expand eligibility for the Medicaid program to instead buy private insurance policies for low-income people [on the government’s exchange].”
Not true. The Exchanges offer sliding-fee-scale government health care. The health plans will be third party administrators of Obamacare under government contract -- just like they are today for most state Medicaid programs. In Arkansas, for example, 74% of Medicaid enrollees are enrolled in health plans. As described by
“States have traditionally provided people Medicaid benefits using a fee-for-service system. However, in the past 15 years, states have more frequently implemented a managed care delivery system for Medicaid benefits. In a managed care delivery system, people get most or all of their Medicaid services from an organization under contract with the state. Almost 50 million people receive benefits through some form of managed care, either on a voluntary or mandatory basis. States can allow people to voluntarily enroll in a managed care program, but more frequently, states require people to enroll in a managed care program.” [Emphasis added]
A government contract does not make Medicaid any less a government program. Likewise, Exchange health plans will be under government contract. Only “federally-qualified” plans get contracts. Benefits offered are federally-approved. And health plans must share their data – and yours -- with the federal government. These health plans also receive payments directly from the federal government. And unless the federal government says yes to your application for coverage, you cannot receive Obamacare.
Here’s more proof that Exchanges don’t offer “private insurance.” First, all Exchanges must use the same 21-page federal application form. Second -- here is what I just discovered -- all application and related data will go into a newly created federal “system of records,” which was just finalized on March 6.
The new system of records is called, “Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) Program.” The February 6, 2013 announcement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which houses Obama’s Exchange office, states,
“The system of records will contain personally identifiable information (PII) about certain individuals who apply … for eligibility determinations for enrollment in a qualified health plan (QHP) through an Exchange…
“The system will also contain information about qualified employers seeking to obtain health insurance coverage for its qualified employees through a Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP).
“In addition, the system will include PII of marketplace assisters, Navigators and Agents/Brokers, their officers, employers and contractors; contact information for QHP Issuers [insurers] seeking certification that may contain personally identifiable information of their officers, and employees or contractors; employees and contractors of the Exchange and CMS. …”
States must use federal application form. The federal application form must be used by ALL exchanges, and personal data from it will be matched with other data sets and state and federal agencies to determine your eligibility for Obamacare and its federal premium subsidies:
“The categories of information requested on the application include personal, employment, financial, demographic, and pregnancy status and tobacco use. …
“The information provided … will be matched and verified against data provided by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), Social Security Administration (SSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DoD), Peace Corps, and Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that is maintained by the Federally-facilitated Exchange. …
You must file reports. If you have Obamacare coverage, you must notify the Exchange about any life changes that may impact your eligibility status. For example: a marriage, a birth, a new job, a higher salary. If you don’t report the new information, you may suddenly find yourself uninsured:
“Enrollees are required to update information that would impact their eligibility status, and an Exchange will perform mid-year redeterminations using the same system used for initial determinations of eligibility when it receives updated information regarding an enrollee either directly from the enrollee or through a periodic examination of data sources. …The Secretary along with the other appropriate agencies will establish an appeals process for individuals and employers when eligibility is denied as a result of inconsistencies between the information…”
Date storage and disclosures are required. The federal government will store the data and records for all state-based and federally-facilitate exchanges in all 50 states. Nine types of broad “routine disclosures” will be allowed. For example, disclosures can be made to “another Federal agency or an instrumentality of any governmental jurisdiction within or under the control of the United States” for fraud prevention. The CMS announcement lists choice of qualified health plan (QHP), premium amounts and payment history, plus 10 other categories of data to be collected:
“The FFE will store eligibility and enrollment records, system user records, appeals records, consumer services records and SHOP employer records for all Exchanges. The Hub will be a pass-through for SBEs [state-based exchanges] for providing information from applicants/enrollees to CMS and for the FFE to share data with SBEs, Medicaid, CHIP and BHP agencies. …
“The system will collect and maintain information…pertaining to:
  1. Citizenship or immigration status;
  2. Enrollment in federally-funded programs (Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, FEHBP, Champ VA, TRICARE, Peace Corps);
  3. Incarceration status;
  4. Indian status;
  5. Enrollment in employer-sponsored coverage;
  6. Requests for and documentation to justify exemptions to individual mandate;
  7. Employer information;
  8. Status as a veteran;
  9. Limited health status information (pregnancy, blindness, disability);
  10. Household income, including tax return information, income information and financial information form other third party sources.
Clearly, Exchanges have nothing to do with private enterprise. These are government exchanges, and they are all federal. Federal takeover of health care state by state is the goal. There is no such thing as a “state exchange.” This is a National Exchange and Obama wants 50 state-based arms. The Obama administration’s greatest fear is that you’ll figure this all out and refuse to use the Exchanges. We’re happy to help you do just that! 
You can take action! If you’re in a state with a “state exchange,” refuse to use it. Warn your neighbors. Write letters to the editor. Be vocal. Ask me to do a presentation in your state. Timing is critical. Exchange marketing campaigns are well-funded and about to begin. Other action steps:
  • If you’re in a State without any Exchange, don’t let one get established.
  • Stop the legislature or Governor from allowing the Federal Exchange to hook up to your state agency database IT portals.
  • Don’t let your Governor or legislature create a “partnership” or “shadow” arrangement to help Obama build the National Exchange. (Great job Michiganders!)
And while you’re at it, financially support our work to stop the Exchanges.
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No Exchange….No Obamacare!  It’s that simple. 
Working strategically with YOU for freedom,

Twila Brase RN, PHN
President, CCHF
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