Nebraska’s Cooperation with Exchanges Will Hurt Nebraskans



For Immediate Release
April 30, 2013

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Nebraska’s Cooperation with Federally-Facilitated Exchanges Will Hurt Nebraskans and Lead to Higher Premiums, Privacy Intrusions and Limited Choice of Physicians


STATEMENT by Twila Brase, President of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom:


“Nebraska, which originally refused to create a state health insurance Exchange, is moving to create a state commission to oversee and make recommendations to the federal government regarding the creation of a federally-facilitated Exchange for Nebraska. 

“Five days ago on April 25th, Nebraska state legislators gave first round approval to an Exchange oversight committee: the Nebraska Exchange Stakeholder Commission.

“They said no to the job and the cost of creating a state arm of the federal Exchange system, but now they are preparing to help the federal government install a federally-facilitated Exchange in Nebraska.

“By creating an Exchange commission--essentially an "Exchange governance board" without a state Exchange--they are cooperating with the federal takeover of health care and everything that comes with it, including higher premiums, privacy intrusions, expanded government dependency, and limited choice of physicians and insurance options.

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom opposes Nebraska’s cooperative stance and the legislation that is poised to help the federal government build and implement an Exchange in Nebraska and we believe that the citizens of Nebraska should contact their governor and state representatives to oppose this federally-facilitated intrusion into their health care.”



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