CCHC Sends Letter to Governor Pawlenty

Asks him to consider citizen petitions; protect individual rights

Minneapolis/St. Paul — Today, Citizens' Council on Health Care hand-delivered a letter to the office of Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. The letter referenced the citizen petitions delivered on Wednesday by CCHC to the Governor's office, and pending legislation that was adopted in the Health and Human Services conference committee report-and vetoed May 8 by the Governor. CCHC asked Governor Pawlenty to protect the rights of all citizens during negotiations on the final Health and Human Services bill.

Regarding the Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange, the CCHC letter states:

“This legislation is a very slippery slope. We dare not begin forcing people to register their private purchases with the government. We dare not remove health insurance from the private market and make citizens go through the government to buy it. And we dare not begin depriving individuals of their right to make private purchases free from government surveillance, government inspection and government fees…We therefore urge you not to move forward with this proposal.

Regarding the dismantling of patient consent requirements, the CCHC letter states:

“Patients are in some of the most vulnerable times of their lives. The idea that government would take advantage of their vulnerability, or allow corporate health care entities to take advantage of their vulnerability, is anathema to upholding the dignity of patients and the professional obligations and ethical integrity of medicine. Opt-in informed written patient consent must be required.”

Says Twila Brase, president of CCHC:

“Wednesday, we delivered a large stack of citizen petitions to the Governor. Today, we delivered a copy of those petitions to the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate. CCHC and the hundreds of citizens who signed these petitions are asking the Governor and legislative leadership to make sure the final HHS bill protects the individual and privacy rights of all Minnesotans.”



Media Contact:

Twila Brase, President and Co-founder
Office: 651-646-8935