Less than Perfect: Governor Pawlenty's Health Care Reform Veto

Tonight's veto statement leaves opening for "common agreement" that would expand government control over medical decisions

Minneapolis/Saint Paul - While Citizens' Council on Health Care supports Governor Pawlenty's veto tonight of the DFL health care reform bill, H.F. 3391, CCHC says the Governor's statement in the veto letter should concern citizens and patients.

"Unfortunately, the Governor gives a high five to the policy parts of the bill that advance government control over the practice of medicine and impose price controls in health care. These will lead to rationing of care," says Twila Brase, president, CCHC.

Brase points with concern to Governor Pawlenty's final statement in tonight's veto letter:

"This bill makes progress in several areas, including improved transparency of price and quality, advancement of e-prescribing and electronic health records, development of medical homes, care coordination of chronic disease, and the beginning of payment reform to pay doctors for evidence-based, high-quality health care. I hope we can move forward on these areas of common agreement and make some prograss toward broader health care reform."

Brase says Governor Pawlenty's letter expresses support for laws that restrict access to care through a new gatekeeper system

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